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People Against Marijuana Prohibition

People Against Marijuana Prohibition

People Against Marijuana Prohibition

It is my honest belief that pot is a gift. A useful tool in treating a great myriad of things, creating energy, creating jobs, and lets be honest it makes ya feel good. That being said our gift was taken away, quite recently, by the racist views the 1920’s. My goal is to once again have Wisconsin, or better yet America, embracing AT LEAST the medicinal value of this plant.

I personally know several people that have suffered from cruel diseases such as MS, or Cancer who have found profound relief from a smoke or a “special” cookie. I know just as many people that use it to treat not such serious conditions but more annoyances, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and the list goes on.

I love pot and can clearly see its purpose. My goal is to facilitate a communication between people and their elected officials, knowing full well that many people are more than ready but don’t know how. If you have similar beliefs I would be greatly appreciative of your support. It is only with hard work and dedication, as well as co-operation with other pro pot foundations that we will get our gift back!

– Ryan

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