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Editorial from retired cop enforces retired surgeons stance on marijuana

A retired surgeon says: “Given alcohol’s high potential for abuse and without an acceptable medical use, it logically should be a federally regulated Schedule I Controlled Substance like marijuana. On the other hand, while alcohol will never become a controlled substance, it is probable there eventually will be Wisconsin initiatives to make marijuana, like alcohol, a legal substance.” among a other items in a past editorial.

A retired police detective responds with his own editorial in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

MARIJUANA: Legalize, regulate, tax

As a retired police detective, I heartily agree with the proponents cited in community columnist John Ridley’s Dec. 21 column that we should legalize, regulate and tax marijuana. My street experience showed that marijuana, though certainly no play toy of a drug, is much, much safer than alcohol for both the user and those around him.

My profession – the thin blue line – is getting much thinner all across Wisconsin. Do you want us to keep wasting time on a green plant? We are missing child predators even now.

Howard Wooldridge

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