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Willie Nelson singing jail house blues in Hudspeth County Jail on marijuana charges

Willie Nelson singing jail house blues in Hudspeth County Jail on marijuana charges.

Genesis 1:11

The popular cannabis website named after the late Jack Herer and other news agencies reported that Willie Nelson was singing jail house blues in Hudspeth County Jail on marijuana charges.  The Texas County has not made much news in the past and are enjoying there 15 minutes of fame.

Willie Nelson was detained and arrested for marijuana possession on Friday, on his way back to Austin, after spending Thanksgiving in California, officials said.

Nelson and his crew, who were aboard the country music star’s tour bus, were stopped Friday morning around 9 a.m., as they went through the border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca.

Agents found 6 ounces of marijuana on the bus.

Nelson was taken to the Hudspeth County Jail where he was charged with marijuana possession.

He posted $2,500 bail and was on his way again.

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson has a long association with marijuana, as well as other celebrities in the music industry and beyond.  From painters, poets, musicians, sculptors, dancers, filmmakers, and other “arty” types, to psychologists, computer programmers and more, many of the things that we consider artistic, entertaining, and useful, were created under the influence of marijuana.

When the Beatles John Lennon made the news, Art Garfunkel said “If John Lennon is deported, I’m leaving too… with my musicians… and my marijuana.”  The Beatles themselves are on record discussing how marijuana influenced their works.


Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Ringo: Grass was really influential in a lot of our changes, especially with the writers. And because they were writing different material, we were playing differently. We were expanding in all ares of our lives, opening up to a lot of different attitudes.

Paul: One thing that he did introduce us to was pot… Bob came round to our hotel, and he said to us, “Here, try a bit of this.” It is very indiscreet to say this, because I don’t know whether Bob is telling people he turned The Beatles on to marijuana. But it was funny. (the Bob Paul is referring to is Bob Dylan.)

John: Rubber Soul was the pot album, and Revolver the acid.


John: Bob Dylan had heard one of our records where we said, “I can’t hide,” and he had understood, “I get high.” He came running and said to us, “Right, guys, I’ve got some really good grass.” How could you not dig a bloke like that? He thought we were used to drugs. We smoked and laughed all night. He kept answering our phone, saying, “This is Beatlemania here.” It was ridiculous. (the song he’s referring to is “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”)

John: We were smoking marijuana for breakfast during that period. Nobody could communicate with us; it was all glazed eyes and giggling all the time. In our own world.

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