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42nd State Assembly District in Wisconsin agrees with medical marijuana, in theory

In a recent report by The Portage Daily Register and Baraboo News Republic incumbent Fred Clark (D-Baraboo) and his Republican challenger from Endeavor, Jack Cummings both commented on medical marijuana in Wisconsin.   These two candidates battle for the state assembly seat of the 42nd district. The 42nd District encompasses almost all of Marquette County, two towns in southern Adams County, parts of northern Columbia County and parts of northwest Sauk County. It includes the cities of Baraboo, Portage and Wisconsin Dells.

During a forum that primarily focused on the economy, the hour long discussion bounced around from topic to topic according to reports.

While neither candidate was specific about which programs they would cut to balance next year’s budget – which is speculated to have a $3 billion deficit – Clark posited that state employee benefits should be redone so that workers contribute to their own retirement, and Cummings said fewer mandates on businesses would allow companies to hire more residents and kick-start the economy.

One topic of overwhelming public support was also covered.  Both sides of the aisle have agreed consistently with the general public, that marijuana is medicine.  Both candidates in the 42nd district seem to agree that medical marijuana could help patients, but seem to lay a nameless blame on the “state” as being unprepared.  All more important to elect leaders ready to champion the issues of the people, rather than tread on with politics as usual.

Both candidates agreed that the state was unprepared to deal with any implementation of a legalized marijuana program, though both said they agreed with the concept in principle.

At this time we do not know if Industrial Hemp was brought into the equation or how in depth the topic of marijuana was covered.    As other states move forward and cannabis laws change from coast to coast, you would think candidates that support marijuana reform would promote the issue with more vigor.  Ending marijuana prohibition, resulting in a regulated and taxed industry much like alcohol and tobacco is quickly becoming an important topic and analysis indicates a viable solution to the rest of the topics covered in Clark and Cummings forum.

The topics of the forum ranged from the state’s projected $3 billion deficit, Taxes, Jobs, Badger Care, School funding and Tourism.  All these areas of concern for Wisconsin could be assisted with a comprehensive marijuana law.  Now is the time to engage your candidates, help educate and inform and ultimately vote smart.

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