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Vote for the candidate, not for the political party

As published in the Berlin Journal Newspapers and affiliates on Thursday, October 14th, 2010.  Issue Number 41.
Vote for the candidate, not the political party
Vote for the candidate, not the political party

Some people say part of the problem with politics is the acceptance of main stream media outlets that showcase a two party system.  People perhaps feel the system is broken from the start and are disengaged from the beginning.  Putting people back into politics should first start by people on the ballot and then voting based on the name of the candidate on the ballot, not the party that paid for them.

Perception sometimes leads people to believe the only people supporting marijuana reform are third party candidates.  Perhaps we should look at the traditional candidates who support reform of marijuana, but yet do not talk about hemp and cannabis with the truth, honesty and compassion of the third parties.  Perhaps ‘they’ do not want attention drawn to “the” issue that could take some of their power away and give it back to the people.  People believe that this is no more evident than right here in our district and race for state assembly, where all candidates support reform and consider it to be part of the solutions to the problems we face.

Can we afford to elect leaders not willing speak out, up and often?

Vote smart, Vote Selthofner!

Sincerely, A Voter looking for change

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