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Clearing the smoke

Clearing the smoke
Clearing the smoke

As published in the Berlin Journal Newspapers and affiliates on Thursday, October 14th, 2010.  Issue Number 41.

The facts are overwhelming and the smoke about marijuana is starting to clear quickly.  Industrial Hemp, Medical Marijuana and Recreational Cannabis are ingredients needed for comprehensive legislation on the issue.  Wisconsin is ready to lead and move FORWARD on the issue as our motto suggests.  We cannot keep standing idle as the rest of the world, country and states around us move forward.  We need jobs, we need lower taxes, we need better healthcare, we need more efficient government, we need alternative fuels, foods and energy, we need to move toward sustainability, we need alternatives not excuses.

I have been called “a man of the people in the greatest sense” and told that I “do not parade false patriotism, but address the most important issues of our time in the context of hemp, a wrongly forbidden alternative to petroleum, pharmaceuticals and alcohol.”

I appreciate these words and realize the magnitude of which I ask, for you the voters of State Assembly District 41 to help heal our hurting economy and state budget by casting your vote for me on November 2nd.  With the confidence you place in me, I will represent our district with the passion it deserves.

Patiently waiting,

Jay Selthofner

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