Could California legalizing marijuana under Prop 19 lead to hemp in Wisconsin?

We here at Northern Wisconsin NORML often wonder why more states are not talking about hemp and cannabis with more truth, honesty and compassion.

Since we in Wisconsin do not have even an Industrial Hemp law, we may need medical marijuana to handle the post traumatic stress from continue high unemployment and joblessness horizons.  Recreational cannabis would be an welcome alternative to alcohol and nicotine, surprisingly to both users and manufacturers in Wisconsin.

Of course we here at Northern Wisconsin NORML feel a comprehensive marijuana law addressing all issues of the plant will be the most successful legislation ever.  But what will Novembers vote in California mean for the industrial hemp movement?

Recently one writer from Colorado expressed his view about the subject in The Morgan Hill Times:

Oct 7, 2010
It’s time to end the ignorance, vote yes on Proposition 19

Dear Editor,

The Morgan Hill Times editorial (“Reasons to Support Proposition 19 Are Numerous; Vote Yes,” Sept. 21, 2010), got an arrow splitting bull’s eye exposing so many reasons to end cannabis (marijuana) prohibition.

Another important reason to end cannabis prohibition that doesn’t get mentioned is because it could open the door to allowing American farmers to grow hemp. If citizens may use and grow cannabis with THC, it’s reasonable to believe farmers may grow hemp without THC. Hemp can be used as a beneficial alternative fuel and lead to jobs and other economic positives.

Communist Chinese farmers are allowed to grow hemp but free American farmers are not and that is unfair for American farmers who must compete in the world market. Cannabis prohibitionists have harmed the United States long enough in more ways than be counted. It’s clearly time to end that ignorance and move forward.

Stan White, Dillon, Colo.

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