La Crosse Common Council votes to decriminalize marijuana possession

A recent report from La Crosse Tribune SAMANTHA MARCUS smarcus@lacrossetribune.com posted on  Friday, October 8, 2010 covered the La Crosse Common Council vote to decriminalize possession of fewer of  25 grams or less of marijuana by a first-time offender a minor municipal violation, with a fine.

Unusual suspects?Marijuana reform is on the horizon everywhere, but the battle continues on what is the best path for Wisconsin to go down.  With farmers and manufactures waiting to capture the industrial hemp market; universities, research  facilities and patients still wait also to help do their part to heal the economy, but recreational cannabis supplied by domestic marijuana farmers under a legalization law, not decriminalization, just maybe the way to protect our borders and public lands, while forcing the drug cartels to the unemployment line.

Here is an excerpt from the article with quotes and information from local law enforcement and judges.

La Crosse police Chief Ed Kondracki spoke against the proposal at Tuesday’s Committee of the Whole, saying it sends the message marijuana is of no more consequence than being ticketed for skateboarding in a parking structure. He did not attend Thursday’s meeting and couldn’t be reached for comment.

“It’s part of a very violent equation … Anything we do to reduce the penalties helps those drug cartels,” Kondracki said Tuesday. “It’s almost like subsidizing them.”

“We don’t want that latitude.”

The council in 2001 voted down the same initiative after five circuit court judges requested the option of charging marijuana possession as an ordinance violation.

Council member Satory, who championed the policy change then and now, was surprised the votes swung his way Thursday.

Read the entire story online La Crosse Tribune Article entitled:  Council decriminalizes pot.

Additional stories will be coming in shortly, this breaking news needs immediate action from supporters in the area also.

One report even said the council initially voted the measure down, but reversed the vote several days later, read that news report from WXOW News 19 entitled “City council makes big decisions in meeting“.

Report from WKBT.com La Crosse Council votes to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana indicates via their report that “if Mayor Matt Harter signs the new ordinance into law, it would take effect on October 17.”

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