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Unignorable benefits

Unignorable benefits as printed in Berlin Journal
Unignorable benefits as printed in Berlin Journal

As published in the Berlin Journal Newspapers and affiliates on Thursday, October 7th, 2010.  Issue Number 40

The need for change in our world is becoming more and more evident with each passing day.  Issues such as unemployment, poverty, and disease plague our community; and these issues seem to becoming increasingly worse.  At a time when greed has corrupted both industry and government the need for truth, integrity, and compassion in a leader is now more vital than ever before.  We need someone whose interest lies in the people’s welfare, in addition to the health of our community, and the quest for sustainability.  We need someone who understands the desperate need to nurture our environment; taking care of the earth that God gave us so our children have a future. We need someone like Jay Selthofner.

Jay recognizes that many of the problems we face in our community would be solved by legalization of hemp for industrial use.  Hemp is superior to cotton, paper, fuel and plastics in that is sustainable, offers better quality of product, and is not damaging to the environment.  Hemp also offers many health benefit to our bodies and our local economy.  There are 25,000+ earth friendly products that can be made from hemp!  More jobs anyone?  Vote for Selthofner on November 2 for 41st Assembly.

Jennifer Hogenson, Wautoma

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