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Is marijuana a liability?

Is marijuana a liability?
Is marijuana a liability?

As published in the Berlin Journal Newspapers and affiliates on Thursday, October 7th, 2010.  Issue Number 40

Is marijuana a liability?

As a financial representative, working in the field of insurance and investments, my profession taught me a great deal about the importance of education, goal setting and systematic approach to problem solving, including risk management.

This weekend thousands of people came to our state Capitol for the 40th Annual Great Midwest Marijuana Festival.  I had a chance to speak to the crowd, but more importantly, I listened.  Communication is a two way street.

One speaker and organizer of the event stated normally the liability insurance cost $1000 for the event, but a 30% discount was provided because of the event track record of no claims or incidents.  In relation, if alcohol was served at the event, the liability insurance would have been over $10,000.

Education is emphasized and a call for action is requested as our society looks for alternatives to petroleum, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and nicotine.  Even this past year, the first “hemp house” was built inside the United States .  With imports of hemp approaching several hundred millions of dollars, the domestic market is waiting to be captured, spurring growth in our local economy and job market.

Is prohibition of marijuana a liability?

Jay Selthofner

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