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Farmers deserve more credit, Nelson says

As printed in the Waushara Arugs Newspapers, Published by Wautoma Newspapers, Inc. Wautoma Wisconsin.

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010.  Volume 151 No 40

Link to Waushara Argus Website:  http://www.wausharaargus.com/

Farmers deserve more credit, Nelson says
Farmers deserve more credit, Nelson says

It’s fall out and I just wanted to take a second out to mention my heros – the farmers of not only Waushara County, but everywhere.  As far as useful talents for little praise, my hat is off to them.

Here’s to you, oh driver of shoulder monster.  After a flood, a drought and a $25,000 part for the combine, there you are, at it still – five miles an hour in a downpour, bringing food for our tables.  People curse you alongside the road and don’t say “thanks” when the sweet corn hits the grocery stores….Buy you continue along.  /s/ Dave Nelson, Wautoma

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