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First hemp house built in United States

As I campaign around my district, it is becoming more of an education process than a traditional political campaign.  People in the district understand I want to legalize marijuana, but they are just beginning to understand just how much this type of legislation will impact the states that seize the opportunity.  The United States is the only industrial nation that is not currently cultivating the crop we know as hemp cannabis.

Hemp wall
Hemp wall

A perfect example is “green homes”.  Many homes have been built from hemp materials outside the United States.  Hemp homes are cutting edge both on technologies used to build them and added health benefits from the material selection.  Added values of the hemp-filled walls are non-toxic, mildew-resistant, pest-free and flame-resistant.  Proving to be more energy efficient and certainly less toxic than traditional materials, hemp is being considered a integral part of sustainable and healthy living.

In a USA Today report on September 12th, Rebecca Morley, executive director of the National Center for Healthy Housing was quoted saying:

The U.S. government has not taken a “systemic approach” to studying chemicals in homes and instead addresses problems such as asbestos, lead, arsenic and formaldehyde only after people get sick.

She went onto add, “green building so far has focused mostly on the environment, not the health of the people inside.”

Hemp concrete
Hemp concrete

Additional articles report the building material Hempcrete had to be imported because hemp comes from the same plant as marijuana, which is illegal to grow in the United States. Inhabitat.com said Hempcrete is made from hemp, lime and water and can be used for a variety of applications including wall and flooring construction and roof insulation.

With imports of hemp approaching several hundreds of millions  dollars each year and the first hemp house being built in the United States, Wisconsin farmers and manufacturers should be allowed to participate in this market.  A tremendous amount of opportunity exists that will lead to job creation in a variety of sectors.

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