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4Legacy to assist Selthofner and his cannabis legacy in Ripon

4Legacy comes to Ripon to help Selthofner create his legacy
4Legacy comes to Ripon to help Selthofner create his legacy

Jay Selthofner realizes he will face a multitude of challenges, opposition, and gain new supporters if elected.  His expertise in education, information technology, and networking uniquely position him to keep pace with and vote for ‘the will of the people’ when it comes to current issues.  Choosing to run as an Independent really opened up the doors to more possibilities in his district than toking old party lines out in the field.  Helping him to plow his way into politics, pointers and help have been coming from both sides of the fence.  Talking about hemp and cannabis with truth, honesty and compassion has led Selthofner to collaborate with other activists in a huge variety of ways.  Collaboration and cross support will be the key to a successful  comprehensive marijuana law in Wisconsin, and Selthofner is just the man to get the job done!

When organizing his campaign concert with staff, a video was brought to his attention from a artist named Mzrt of a musical group known as 4Legacy.  Selthofner gave us some insight into his political concerns:  “After viewing Nightmares of Misfortune and Pain, I had another vision of what politics is about. ”  The Independent political candidate went onto say “With all the troubles in the world, in specifically in my district…I am out there talking about marijuana……I know at first glance it seems like as one reporter said..’fiddling with fire while Rome is burning’.  But, as you examine the issue of industrial hemp cultivated for food, fuel and fiber you will end up finding endless job possibilities in a variety of sectors from agriculture, equipment manufacturing/repair, transportation, processing, refinement, sales and a variety more.  I tell folks, think of hemp cannabis for industrial purposes as like growing field corn.  If you know how the system works, we can provide better yields for farmers, expand goods manufactured and processed in the State and distribute them through a statewide network that we somewhat have in existence already.  All that means news jobs, jobs and yep, more jobs.  The marijuana is the same way.  Everyone wants smaller federal and state government, this is the perfect issue to take back states rights from the federal government and save taxpayer dollars wasted on marijuana prohibition.  A penny saved is a penny earned…and in the case of new marijuana tax, that penny saved, will allow more to be earned and also taxed.  As a state we should use this tax money wisely with a comprehensive marijuana plan in which the tax revenue benefits are seen in the form of property tax relief, school funding, Veterans Affairs Hospitals, Senior Services, Public Transportation, Healthcare, and other public funded or under funded areas.

Collaboration of all kinds will be needed to get anything done in Madison.  Party lines have been blocking any progress as of late.  It is being reported as “refreshing” to have an Independent on the ballot.  To have an educated Independent in Madison working and basing his vote on the principles of truth, honesty and compassion, well that could change the whole system.  Researching the issues, polling the public, and voting for of the will of the people should be considered the highest priority of any elected official.  Bringing the people back into politics is also one of Selthofner’s missions.  He is succeeding in bringing people to Ripon on September 18th, that is for sure.

4Legacy’s musical gifts and talents are easily to hear in tracks like “My Life” and “That’s tha Spark”.  They work well together and even play nice with others.  Cross promotion and collaboration in the Milwaukee hip-hop scene is putting the Wisconsin music scene back on the map.  Team work and business sense is turning this dynamic group, comprised of Mzrt, F.A.D.E., No Labels, Karma, P.U.N. and DJ Hy-Def, into a team who is creating a lasting legacy.  By headlining a political campaign concert in rural Wisconsin they just may be making history also.


Each member of the talented and diverse 4Legacy has a different background and connection to music.  But at the same time, that is what makes them the same……….the music.  Over the past 10 years or so, 4L slowly formed and re-formed over and over again into what their fans would call one of the “Best” Hip-Hop groups around today. They compose, write, mix, arrange, and perform all their own original music and occasionally borrow or cover music from artists they find highly positive or influential.

Listen to the music of 4Legacy:
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See 4Legacy live with P.U.N.:


What: The Friends of Jay Selthofner Campaign Fundraiser Concert

When: September 18th, 2010 from 4pm to 2am
Where: Classics Sports Bar, 101 Blackburn St, Ripon Wisconsin 54971
You MUST be 21 or over to enter the bar – your ID will be checked at the door.
Purchase your wristband online right now via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or eCheck, there is only room for 420.

review the entire band line up and reserve your wristband for the 10 Band 10 Hour Jam on Saturday, September 18th in Ripon, Wisconsin @ Classics Bar:

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