Roadkill Dinnerfest provides feast and fear for ears for rural Wisconsin

Heinz-Dieter Stengel
Heinz-Dieter Stengel - Roadkill Dinnerfest

We are pleased to announce that the September 18th Friends of Jay Selthofner Campaign Fundraiser Concert band lineup includes Roadkill Dinnerfest!  In an exclusive interview, we had a chance to speak more intimately with this creative solo artist.  We asked Heinz-Dieter what he thought about Selthofner’s Stimulus Plan, which calls for the legalization of marijuana and the implementation of a comprehensive plan addressing industrial hemp, medical marijuana and recreational cannabis. He replied: I believe strongly in the freedom of speech. It reflects, definitely, in my lyrical content. I’ve been playing for a lot of years around the region. I like to make folks laugh, as well as, think. I steer towards comedy metal. My political views are a much overlooked Independent belief. I believe all should have a say in what goes on with themselves, and the privacy of their home lives.” Heinz-Dieter commented.  He finished his thought by adding “Our bodies and minds were given to US by whatever makes us. there is No Way that it should be the government controlling us… It should be “We the People”; which I think has long been lost.”

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Throughout the last year, Selthofner has been burning up campaign trail and trying to reform marijuana laws.  Working with the office of Senator Luther Olsen (R-Ripon) and the citizens of the Senate District 14 at times had Selthofner ‘out in the field working as a one man show’.  We asked Selthofner how it came about that Roadkill Dinnerfest was recruited for his “Cannabis Campaign Concert”.  Selthofner said, “This guy just knocked me out.  I love the idea of his DIY one man style.  Add  in the elements of comedy and improv, throw in some political stuff and stir in the cannabis, sounds delicious to me.”  Selthofner went on to add “Heinz-Dieter stepped up the plate also, when we asked for help….. all we heard was “when, where, what else you need?”.”  Jay closed the interview by saying “This is the kind of leadership we need in all sectors to get things done.  If everyone did 10% of what this guy is doing, the deal would have been done long ago.”

We asked Heinz-Dieter about Selthofner and why he wanted to help out with his campaign.  His reply made perfect sense If we unite to do the correct things for us and our communities, we should be able to restore order to the natural flow of humanity, survival, and much needed care for ALL people. To be a part of History, and the changing of America- that is so desperately needed- Would be a pleasure that would supersede any expectations of ANY political event/forum that I have EVER anticipated. And, may the people see what is truly needed!”

“The one-man, Oshkosh Wisconsin band ‘Roadkill Dinnerfest‘ features Heinz-Dieter Stengel and his Boss DR-670 Drum Machine.  He will be performing his unique style of Thrash/Metal with a dab of comedy for the Friends of Jay Selthofner, and we can’t wait!

No shirt, No shoes, No problem
Roadkill Dinnerfest will knock your shirt, pants and shoes off.

DISCLAIMER: We wanted to add that Heinz-Dieter has been in many bands such as; Boxhead, Tree of Pain, Kannabyss-Eve, and a few more that didn’t make it. Played all over East Wisconsin from Milwaukee to Green Bay. Lookin to spread fear everywhere. Played along side bands Rictus Grin, 7Plagues (pre-Plagues era), Silik, Profane, Lead Me Not (Spine Driver era), New Society of Anarchists (NSOA).  So he is not crazy or anything, THAT WE KNOW OF!

Roadkill Dinnerfest
Roadkill Dinnerfest

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Now the next step:

What: The Friends of Jay Selthofner Campaign Fundraiser Concert
When: September 18th, 2010 from 4pm to 2am
Where: Classics Sports Bar, 101 Blackburn St, Ripon Wisconsin 54971
You MUST be 21 or over AND HAVE CLOTHES ON to enter the bar – your ID will be checked at the door.
Purchase your wristband online right now via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or eCheck, there is only room for 420.

Review the entire band line up and reserve your wristband for the 10 Band 10 Hour Jam on Saturday, September 18th in Ripon, Wisconsin @ Classics Bar:

Purchase your wristband online right now via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or eCheck, there is only room for 420.

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