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P.U.N. creating hip-hop politics @ Friends of Jay Selthofner Campaign Concert

I am P.U.N.

P.U.N. is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is currently developing quite a buzz for himself and the affiliations he touches.  This man creates music independently and collaborations of wide varieties.  His business sense finds him co-owner Tofino Sound, among other projects.  In an exclusive interview with the Selthofner campaign, he also shared with us some personal background information. Bob Marley influenced me music. I am Christian. I was raised in a Republican home. My parents are divorced. My father lives in Illinois my mother in Wisconsin. Marijuana has helped me immensely spiritually and also in times of deep physical and emotional pain.”

According to several sources, the marijuana reform movement is at an all time high in Wisconsin.  Both a Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Bill were introduced last year, both with high public support.  After the failure of the Industrial Hemp bill in the 2009-2010 legislation session, most supporters turned to the medical marijuana bill for a sign of relief.  None was found there, as patients were denied their medicine once again. Now activists turn to Selthofner’s campaign for State Assembly as a chance to put a true champion of reform into office. When we asked Selthofner about P.U.N. he had this to say, “P.U.N. and his affiliates are obviously talented artists, I had a few conversations with him and saw that he had the passion and drive to do whatever he sets his mind to, I was more than happy to collaborate on our concert with P.U.N.  In fact, during our conversations he surprised me with a ‘campaign theme song’ entitled LEGALIZE RIGHT NOW.  I still do not know what to think of it, I am honored.  So much so that our first campaign radio commercials featured his music.  I am lucky to be surrounded by professionals in all industries to help spread the message of true reform.”

Having said that, we had to ask P.U.N. about the theme song and what he though about Jay.  His answer is one that both Selthofner, his supporters and the many donating their time hope to change, the negative stigma of marijuana.  “I personally feel like law enforcement uses marijuana as an excuse to label society and form separation amongst the masses. There has never been proof of marijuana causing harm directly or indirectly through a users actions. I fail to agree that Tobacco and Alcohol are “better” for the people. I want change and I believe the majority of us who can see “clearly” agree. Now is the time to make a statement and stand up to be accounted for.” explained P.U.N.As far as the song goes my main inspiration is personal experience. I was further intrigued by Selthofner’s mission and felt there was no better time than now to make a statement. I sat down and just wrote what i felt. Came to me like a vision in a dream and just completed itself.”

P.U.N. has shared the stage with the Academy Award Winners Three 6 Mafia, Twista, Curren$y, and the Rising Star Wiz Khalifa.    P.U.N. has also collaborated with many of the hottest new artists like Smokes, Motion, Bigface, Ygun Clutch, Shane Mane, Ceven, the Martian, and JuJu Coleman, just to name a few.  Who knows where his new found cannabis activists affiliations will take him or just where we will see Selthofner and P.U.N. together again.


P.U.N. is one third of the Tofino Syndicate powerhouse who has had a hand in coordinating the video for Smokes ft. Three 6 Mafia and Motion titled “Fetti Clap” and also coordinating and co-producing Motion’s “Jukin in the Mirror” video.

He is also part of the local underground group 4Legacy and has been producing and working with upcoming artists such as Mr. Hooks, Rockco, Presto, HK, First Lady, Willie Humbles, BMoney, December Representer and many more.

P.U.N. has been travelling and doing shows from Milwaukee, Madison, Port Washington, West Bend, Ripon, Chicago, Green Bay, and Cedarburg, and is scheduling more shows in other cities to round out the summer/fall of 2010. Look for videos and mixtapes to be released in the VERY near future.

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What: The Friends of Jay Selthofner Campaign Fundraiser Concert
When: September 18th, 2010 from 4pm to 2am
Where: Classics Sports Bar, 101 Blackburn St, Ripon Wisconsin 54971
You MUST be 21 or over to enter the bar – your ID will be checked at the door.
Purchase your wristband online right now via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or eCheck, there is only room for 420.

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