Idiopath pounding stage in Ripon for campaign concert


Jay Selthofner is becoming a rising force in the Wisconsin political scene, making noise and banging some heads along the way. It’s “no shit” that Idiopath – a rising force in the Wisconsin metal scene and supporters of Selthofner’s stimulus plan – would want to help pound his message out.  Another twist is the band is local, with the members hailing from cities around Assembly District 41, which Selthofner hopes to dominate this fall with the help of this large voter base, who are usually unappreciated  by traditional politicians.

Vote for Jay on November 2, 2010
Vote for Jay Selthofner and personal freedom, as well as Truth, Honesty, and Compassion, on November 2, 2010

Selthofner’s passion for pot protrudes at times in the form of fist pounding, soapbox standing, pulpit platform style rants about industrial hemp, medical marijuana and recreational cannabis.  Selthofner is known to appreciate the heavier type tunes and Idiopath has a unique sound which contains elements of NWOBHM, thrash metal, death metal, and a bit of hard rock.  These are elements Selthofner can really appreciate after a long day of banging heads out in the field talking hemp and cannabis.

Idiopath Performing
Idiopath - 5 taxpaying voters, performing music together

This band grinds out songs that feature Kurt’s catchy riffs, bluesy solos and gruff vocals, Joe’s aggressive bass lines, Sean’s soaring solos and infectious melodies, and Mikes double bass heavy drumming. They are based out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  Like Selthofner, they play all over the state and are hell bent on spreading their respective messages by finding new venues, jumping on any bill, and by taking up a cause and helping along the way.  Selthofner added at the close of the interview “Kurt has been instrumental in planning the concert.  The minute he saw what I was trying to do, he was all over it like flies on shit.  This guy was getting things done before we even asked, that is exactly the kind of supporter a cannabis activist needs on his team.”


The band members have brought together their own influences in order to forge Idiopath’s unique sound. Kurt brings forth Thrash Metal with his tight rhythms, harmonized licks, screaming solos, and gruff vocals; Mike brings a groove metal aspect which drives the band’s accessibility; Joe comes from a background laden with death metal and reflects that by his speedy Alex Webster like bass lines. In May of 2010 Idiopath recruited guitarist Sean Delorey, whose taste in old school metal and fretboard agility really complements the rest of the band members’ styles.

Idiopath, an Oshkosh Wisconsin band, consists of Kurt Losinske (Guitars/Vocals),  Joe Kaufman (Bass),  Sean Delorey (Guitars/Vocals) and Mike Winchester (Drums).

Listen to their music here: (facebook) (myspace)

………….or come see these mother fuckers live and have your face melted, maybe even a special surprise at the Cannabis Campaign Concert for the bands favorite candidate!

Get your face melted by Idio Path
Get your face melted by Idio Path
What: The Friends of Jay Selthofner Campaign Fundraiser Concert
When: September 18th, 2010 from 4pm to 2am
Where: Classics Sports Bar, 101 Blackburn St, Ripon Wisconsin 54971
You MUST be 21 or over to enter the bar – your ID will be checked at the door.
Those wearing a Friends of Jay Selthofner Wristband can come and go from the (10 hour long) concert.

Purchase your wristband online right now via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or eCheck.

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