SMOKES to light up Ripon
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Wisconsin Cannabis Candidate hosts marijuana concert with SMOKES

SMOKES to light up Ripon

The Friends of Jay Selthofner are proud and honored to have SMOKES light up the stage and burn down the house at our fundraiser concert.  Visit SMOKES and the variety of social media sights available that feature this talented artist. The crisp and fresh myspace page is a great place to start, but that is just a sample of what the SMOKES buzz is all about.

In a July interview with The Source, SMOKES is quoted as saying “I think it’s all about the passion and drive more so than the location. But if you didn’t know, Wisconsin goes hard!” says Smokes.  The September 18th concert is taking the entertainer to the rural Wisconsin town of Ripon, historically known as “The Birthplace of the Republican Party”.  The concert would not have been possible without the passion and drive of Jay Selthofner, who has been ‘going hard’ as a marijuana activist and now running as anIndependent Candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly.  The cannabis collaboration concert is showing the diversity, professionalism and networking needed by both SMOKES and Selthofner to take their passions to new highs.

Making a name...SMOKES
Making a name for himself…SMOKES

SMOKES is quickly making a name for himself in the world of Hip Hop, just as Selthofner is quickly in the political world.  SMOKES has performed with everyone from Lil Wayne, Petey Pablo to Young Buck, ThreeSixMafia and Twista. He has been featured on such notable online destinations as Dat and That  This inspiring and glowing artist recently gained a highly respected honor by The Underground  Music Award for Most Outstanding Artist of the Year which also included a fresh and outstanding performance at B.B. King Blues Club and Grill on Times Square in New York City.  Collaboration on all levels is needed to get a message out and be successful.  SMOKES creative collaborations are leading to new adventures every day, with a new music video out with Oscar Award winning Three 6 Mafia.


The latest single “Glowing” is a critical success. It’s garnering accolades and airplay on college radio stations and mixshows from around the country. “Glowing” explodes with unadulterated candor. The track features Smokes’ trademark lyrical dexterity and riveting street flair. “The song Glowing is a revealing record, headnodding Hip-hop at it’s best” raves Hip Hop and many agree.

The video for “Closer” was one of the first the caught the attention of Selthofner as friend after friend started pouring into his facebook page.  Selthofner had previous been active in Madison, spending several months lobbying the state capitol (featured in the closer video) for the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act and other issues he unearthed in his field work as a director with Is My Medicine Legal Yet and The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Selthofner sang, not nearly as well as SMOKES and with slightly different words “This ain’t Hollywood boy, this Ripon.  When you hear the voting, somebody is getting elected.” But Selthofner explained “that during late night blog sessions and multitasking for the campaign, it is necessity to have a variety music to listen to.  SMOKES has a unique style and collaborates well with others well.  Wisconsin entertainers are part of our economy also.  We need to support our creative economy and my proposals to legalize marijuana will only enhance opportunities for everyone.  I find inspiration in music, this guy and his crew put out some amazing music, some of my favorites are Amazing Rough, Closer, Stay Fresh and of course, Get that Paper.  Whether singing, writing, speaking, farming, practicing medicine or being in politics, pot is mainstream and part of our lives.”


Smokes was born in Pusan, South Korea but he currently resides in Madison Wisconsin. He is one of the Midwest’s “Most Wanted Mc’s.”  Smokes has developed his talent amidst many obstacles. He has endured such pain as losing his mother and surviving a devastating car accident. Over the years, he has assembled a total package of musical genius, magnetic charisma and business acumen.

“I’m in a lane by myself finding a niche in a market that is untapped and has potential to dominate the modern day music industry. There are Millions of Asian American youth that love rap and have no one to look up to or admire, and I’m going to be their voice box” proclaims SMOKES.

The future looks bright for the charismatic Wisconsin MC; Be on the look out for SMOKES, Aka “Mister Asian Pride,” aka “The Money Back Guarantee!”

SMOKES, Aka "Mister Asian Pride," aka "The Money Back Guarantee!"

SMOKES, Aka “Mister Asian Pride,” aka “The Money Back Guarantee!”

For more information, including tunes and video’s, here are useful links:


Main Website:



Sonic Bids:

Addtional Media inquires, including reserving SMOKES for your next event, please do not hesitate to contact: William (Dan) Healey at Imperial Music Group LLC. 608-628-6441 or email at

420% Style

Now the next step, review the entire band line up and reserve your wristband for the 10 Band 10 Hour Jam on Saturday, September 18th in Ripon at Classics Bar:

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