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Other uses for marijuana besides ingestion

As printed in the Ripon Commonwealth Press on September 2nd, 2010.  Issue No. 35 in print on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010.  www.riponpress.com

Other uses for marijuana besides ingestion
Other uses for marijuana besides ingestion


(Re: “Don’t get high — get real,” July 1, 2010) I would have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Lyke.

When marijuana/hemp/cannabis was made illegal, it was done so by racism and cultural differences. Before that, marijuana use was historically recorded by many cultures around the world.

Whether it be as a medicine- proven effective for glaucoma, nausea, vomiting, autistic rage, multiple sclerosis, cancer pains and many more.

Recreational drug: People have used/smoked marijuana as far back as human history shows. Food-margarine, salad oil, granola, even bird seed.

Farming uses: animal bedding and feed, mulch, mushroom compost.

Textiles: Diapers, twine, rope, carpets, clothing and apparel, fabrics, denim, shoes, etc.

Paper: newsprint, cardboard and packaging, specialty and fine papers.

Personal Hygiene: shampoos, soap, makeups.

Building Materials: Fiberboard, Fiberglass substitute, cement blocks, stucco and mortar.

Industrial products: Fuel, oil paints, varnishes, putty, brake and clutch lining, etc.

There are many more examples, too many to list. All this from a ultra-renewable crop.

When marijuana was made illegal, people went out of their way to make up complete nonsense about a plant they had little knowledge about personally, just had financial and racist motives behind it.

Studies today have proven again and again that cananbis is less harmfull than alocohol, tobacco and any other hard drug.  As a matter of fact, science and medicien have found positive qualities that cna be benefciail for mankind.

Yet “reefer madness” or the propaganda smear campaign that happened in the 1930’s is still rampant today.

It’s time to realize that “wacky to-baccy” isn’t so scary after all and as a state, we could benefit greatly by what [State Assembly Candidate] Jay Selthofner has to offer.  Take a look at his proposal and tell me that they aren’t for the greater good of the people of Wisconsin, not just for some potheads to get high.

With all the problems the country faces as Mr. Lyke is suggesting, maybe something that will help financially, medicinally, recreational and even lower crime rates would be right for the country, now.

Just like everything else in life, marijuana isn’t for everybody. The question is: Why keep a natural plant that grows from the earth illegal, when its benefits far outweigh its risks?

Just because someone chooses to use marijuana, doesn’t make them less capable of making logical and rational decisions about the issues at hand or anything else for that matter. Seriously.

— Scott Hadden

Green Bay

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