Wisconsin Gubernatorial and State Assembly Candidate endorse full legalization of marijuana

It is not often a Wisconsin Gubernatorial  Candidate visits Green Lake and Waushara County, but to discuss marijuana reform specifically, well that is highly unusual. What is Jim Langer smoking that would make him think this trip worth his while?  The answer is nothing!  It was the campaign of an energetic young Independent Candidate for State Assembly, Jay Selthofner.

Selthofner and Langer meet on the farm

Selthofner and Langer meet on the farm

Langer had first met the “cannabis candidate Selthofner ” at the Princeton flea market as the two finished up collecting nominations papers for their respective offices.  Once Selthofner found himself in front of Langer, the pot-litics started.  The conversation in the summer heat turned from a quick overview of industrial hemp with explanations of the difference between the hemp and marijuana plants.  “Medical marijuana just makes sense and cents” stated Selthofner as he brought Langer up to speed on the past legislation session and ultimately failure of Wisconsin law makers to address either issue.  Selthofner closed the initial meeting with Langer with a strong emphasis that prohibition of marijuana is not working and Wisconsin should legalize marijuana for all reasons with a comprehensive marijuana bill.

Modern Uses for the Hemp Plant

Modern Uses for the Hemp Plant

Selthofner knows information on all forms and uses of marijuana is now mainstream and laws are changing from coast to coast.  To insure Wisconsin benefits from these changes, Selthofner and Langer are continuing the dialog and awareness.  Selthofner’s persistence recently paid off with a visit from the Wisconsin Gubernatorial  Candidate.  While campaigning in Northern and Central Wisconsin, Langer thought it important and made it a priority to continue the discussion of marijuana reform and creative economy solutions with Selthofner.

High Time to Legalize

The two discussed in detail not only marijuana prohibition, but also the rich history hemp cannabis has played with our country.  The local twist is that the Brandon and Fairwater area, in Selthofner’s district, has an abandoned hemp mill and stints of feral hemp along the roadside.  The candidate added “The hemp plant, as a crop, should be in the farmers arsenal and tool box, just like marijuana should in the doctors.” Selthofner provided a variety of resources on medical marijuana and stories of Jay’s late cousin Rick Andersen and his unconventional relationship with Mieko Hester Perez.  In closing, Jay shared how he leaped to new heights and thought processes with the help of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and Mr. James Gierach.  The message Selthofner hopes Langer took away is that “Prohibition has a correlation to many of our problems today. A very humane and relatively simple way to help stop the drug war gravy train is to let Wisconsin farmers grow hemp, protect medical marijuana patients by removing them off the battlefield and end prohibition of marijuana to protect and secure our borders and forests.” Selthofner closed by saying “marijuana, as an alternative to prescription drugs, nicotine and alcohol is by far safer.  I understand drug abuse of any kind is bad, but the drug war is worse.”

Working towards reform

Jim Langer may not be ready to wear the green leaf  on his sleeve as Selthofner is, but after speaking with Selthofner and reviewing the information available, Langer may be more educated on the matter than Tom Barrett,Scott WalkerMark Neumann, Tim John, Scott Paterick, James James, the other candidates in his race.  With the information so readily available, public opinion high for reform and no tax dollars available to spend on anything, now more than ever Selthofner thinks we should tax this plant.

To learn more about Jay and his campaign, you may visit his website at www.JaySelthofner.com

To learn more about Jim Langer, the following links have been provided:

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