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County Fairs allow open forum on marijuana

It is not surprising who supports marijuana reform.  Surprising though is the number of farmers who speak openly and honestly about the need to re-introduce industrial hemp for food, fuel and fiber into Wisconsin’s economy.  The oldest and wisest farmers remember the hemp fields like it was yesterday, waiting for that day to come again.  The State Prison in Waupun once grew hemp cannabis, now our society seems to be growing hemp cannabis prisoners.

Everyone is sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Pharmaceuticals and manufactured synthetic chemicals come with a laundry list of side effects that no sick, disabled or dying person deserves.  Prescription drugs diverted to the street are approaching an epidemic and killing without mercy. Actual sick patients do not even want these poisons, so why are doctors still prescribing them?  Who are the real criminals in our society?  Is the responsible cannabis consumer a criminal to choose smoking pot over smoking a cigarette or drinking alcohol?  Or are the law makers criminals for not passing comprehensive cannabis laws and keeping this useful plant from society?

We should be proud of the folks that have compassion to speak about hemp and cannabis with truth and honesty.  In particular two candidates seeking area seats impressed us with their quest to better understand the past, present and future of cannabis in Wisconsin.

Now who is talking hemp and cannabis?
Now who is talking hemp and cannabis?

A) Russell Monacelli and Jay Selthofner

B) David Letterman and Nicholas Quade

C) Dave Peterson and Jay Selthofner

D) Luther Olsen and Jay Selthofner

E) Joan Ballweg and Scott Milheiser

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