State Assembly candidate Selthofner attends Ripon Cookie Daze

State Assembly Candidate Jay Selthofner and his family, along with a few “Friends of Jay Selthofner ” attended the Ripon Cookie Daze on August 7th, 2010.  Although not an official campaign outing, the candidate found support everywhere he went.  “It is surprising the amount of public support you receive at a function like this, I have had complete strangers call me by first name and tell me ‘it is about time’ as they come up and shake my hand.”

Cookie Monster!
Cookie Monster!

Selthofner was able to break away from the campaign trail and onto the cookie trail with help from the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.  Jay and his family have been long time supporters and viewers of public television broadcasting.  Sesame Street being of course an all time favorite growing up.  Now with three children of his own, Selthofner appreciates the educational programming on PBS even more.  As a marijuana activist Selthofner has taken additional inspiration from watching the documentary of the Apple, Tulip, Marijuana and Potato called “The Botany of Desire” based on the book by Michael Pollen.

Selthofner is not clowning around
Selthofner is not clowning around

As many are coming to realize, marijuana reform is no laughing matter.  There was no clowning around for Selthofner as he did address dozens and dozens of voters as they inquired about his campaign platform to bring back hemp cannabis cultivation to Wisconsin.

His campaign and supporters have been heard saying “It is time to take the party out of politics and put the people back in.”  Selthofner stated, “Party line voting is a common public concern, both among politicians doing the voting, and those of us electing them.”

Selthofner’s campaign rocketed to new highs coming off the latest public opinion poll showing 94% approval for reform of marijuana laws.  Selthofner and his son Leif built a “Green powered Vote Jay” themed rocket, while others took a more subtle approach.  But in the end, the rocket “Leif” built performed the best, with the group taking that as a sign of things to come.

Jay and Leif building "go green" rocket
Jay and Leif building "go green" rocket

The Ripon Boy Scout Troop 735 helped participants and family during the process.  The “Apollo 13” Cookie Blaster Rocket Shop & Launch Pad was great success.  Work shops and materials, as well as guidance from the scouts made the process a piece of cake, I mean cookie.

Of course we ate cookies decorated by the folks from Pick N Save, which are never a disappointment with the quality sweets from Bremner Food Group.

Lily Monster
Lily Monster

The variety of activity going on and people everywhere did not stop someone from cracking a pot joke.  Everyone was glad it was a supporter!  Even without a name tag, suit or pot leaf t-shirt, Selthofner is recognized.  Support comes from both sides of the aisle and everyone in between; you can smell the reform in the air…..Wait, no…that is still the cookies.  (Hemp Cookies? Stay tuned for details on how to get some “Jay’s Baked Goods from Renard’s European Bakeshop in Princeton” and an upcoming Cannabis Campaign Concert)

We should thank the following organizations for a job well done.  Cookie Daze was a great success and plan on attending next year.

Children’s Activities Stations
Sponsored by ThedaCare, Discovery Preschool, Diverse Options & Ripon Children’s Learning Center

Cookie Tossing – Campus Cinema
Cookie Decorating – Pick ‘n Save
“Apollo 13” Cookie Blaster Rocket Shop & Launch Pad ~ Ripon Boy Scout Troop 735
Food and Beverage Tent – Ripon Rotary
“Beach Blanket” Cookie BINGO – Huberty & Associates
Fish Pond – Aither State Farm Insurance & M&I Bank
Design Red Carpet Jewelry – M&I Bank
Button Making – St. Catherine of Siena Church
Flame Thrower Hitting Machine – Accelerated Baseball Technologies
Face Painting – St. Catherine of Siena Church & Ripon Area Builders
Meet Cookie Monster
Rippin’ Good Cookies Tent –  Bremner Food Group

To find out more about the event, please visit their website at Ripon Cookie Daze.

To see more pictures of Jay, his family and The Friends of Jay use the following link:  Jay Selthofner Facebook Photo Album

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