Ask Wisconsin Public Radio to discuss Marijuana Law Reform

I would like to encourage everyone to contact WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio) and ask them to discuss the topic of Marijuana Law Reform in Wisconsin.  I would love to hear them discuss Jay’s campaign, or if they decide not to, I’d at least like to hear them discuss the topic, in general. If you’d also like that, please let them know! After you’re done with that, don’t forget to head over to Northern Wisconsin NORML‘s website for our meeting times, for information on volunteering, and more!  For those who don’t know, NORML stands for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

==On Sun, July 25, 2010 9:49 am, Jessica Franke wrote:==
To: WPR-Listener
Subject: Listener Comment via Web Form
NAME: Jessica Franke
SUBJ: Jay Selthofner, WI Marijuana Candidate in 2010

I am the webmaster and Treasurer for Friends of Jay Selthofner
( I am writing to ask you whom I would speak to
there about having someone interview Jay. He is currently running for
Wisconsin State Assembly in District 41 against Joan Ballweg (R-Markesan).
Jay is an independent candidate and is running on a platform of total
legalization of medical marijuana, industrial hemp, and cannabis for
recreational use. He has never run for any type of public office before,
and has spent roughly the last year engaging in activism towards that
goal. You can contact me (Jessica) or you can call Jay directly – Jay at
920-410-2920 – Jessica at 920-748-2923. or Thanks for your time!

== On Tue, July 27, 2010 10:54 am, Gasser, Sheryl wrote: ==
Hello Jessica,

Due to our statewide audience WPR’s talk department only covers select
local races. Instead our primary focus is on state and national
candidates. Some of our regional bureaus cover Assembly and State Senate
races. However, when I checked with them yesterday and learned that
District 41 is not a race they are covering. I will share your e-mail with
WPR’s news department in case they are covering the race.

Thank you,

Sheryl Gasser
Director of Talk Programming
Wisconsin Public Radio

== My Response on July 29, 2010 ==
Hello Sheryl,

I was actually hoping that this would be a chance to get the topic of Marijuana law reform on the air, as Jay’s campaign platform centers on the issue of full legalization for all uses in the interest of our economy, as well as civil liberties / personal freedom and justice for American citizens.

As a taxpayer, business owner, and citizen, I personally think this is an important topic that is not getting nearly enough attention. It’s ridiculous that hard-working, taxpaying, “free” citizens continue to live in mortal fear and terror of their own government, while we waste billions of taxpayer dollars fighting our neighbors, friends, family members, and other ordinary citizens. A small minority of those in prison for drug crimes were actually connected to drug dealing or drug cartels – the majority of those drug offenders being supported by taxpayer dollars in jails across the nation are there, in many cases, because they had small amounts of marijuana or other drugs for personal use. As a taxpayer, this concerns me greatly. As a human being with compassion for my fellow human beings, this still concerns me greatly.

Is there anyone in the news department who might have interest in covering the topic, or is there anyone specific there you can recommend who we may talk to about getting the topic on the air?

Thanks for your time,

Best Regards,

Jessica Franke, Treasurer

Friends of Jay Selthofner (

== Received Mon, August 2, 2010 2:51 pm ==

Hi again Jessica,

The topic is an interesting one and something we've covered in the past on the Ideas
Network. Ben Merens discussed in on At Issue in March of this year and I'm sure
we'll do more on legalization in future programs. If you have a particular guest in
mind, besides Jay, please share their name with me.

I don't yet know if the News Department will be covering the race in any way, but
you could contact News Director Michael Leland to find out.

Sheryl Gasser
WPR Talk Director

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