Vote for Jay Selthofner in WI Assembly District 41 in November 2010!

Jay Selthofner is an independent candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly, district 41. Given the current economic and environmental crisis, Jay believes that we need to stimulate our economy and create new jobs by growing Hemp / Cannabis for all uses – Industrial, Medical, and Recreational. Marijuana is a far safer choice than alcohol, tobacco, or any other recreational drug. If this is a free country and we do indeed have civil liberties, then why aren’t we free to use this natural and safe plant the same way we do any other crop? You can die from drinking too much water, and most of our pharmeceutical medications have horrific side effects including possible death for many medications, and yet there have been ZERO deaths from marijuana, ever. Create new jobs in Wisconsin, help our farmers out by giving them a crop to grow in which the DNA is not already owned by the large seed corporations, and finally work towards justice and freedom for everyone. Many people don’t know that Wisconsin was one of the biggest growers of Industrial Hemp for our very own government during World War II during the Hemp for Victory awareness campaign put out by the US government. We still have many old Hemp factories in this state, as well as a lot of feral hemp growing wild that is left over from those times. Vote for Jay Selthofner, and let’s get growing! It’s the right thing to do for the environment, the economy, and our fellow Americans.

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