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La Crosse Medical Marijuana Advisory Referendum begins collecting signatures

The paperwork has been filed with the city, and signature collection for the advisory referendum in the city of La Crosse has begun. Groups of us are hitting up our friends and the streets as we attempt to collect over 3000 signatures by the end of July. One of our key targets is Riverfest. We are not allowed to collect signatures on the grounds, but we are allowed in the area immediately in front of the gate, and on the sidewalks in the area surrounding Riverside Park.

If you are interested in collecting signatures, it’s really easy! You don’t even need to be a resident of La Crosse. Respond to this email and further details will be sent. We’re hitting up farmers markets, and we intend to have a presence during Krazy Dayz in a couple weeks. For those interested, there are signs and clipboards available at two public locations, so anytime you’re feeling like helping a great cause, the tools are there!

If you aren’t able to collect signatures but would like to sign the petition, you must be 18 or older, a resident of the city of La Crosse, and must not currently be serving on probation or parole. Respond to this email to find out where to go to sign! There are people collecting signatures in many different ways all over town! We’re really starting a fire here, and I cannot wait to see the public’s continued response.

If you are willing and able, on the 4th of July, we’re looking to get a brigade of people together to collect signatures from people as they are leaving the fest grounds after the fireworks are complete. We also intend to hit up the La Crosse Center parking ramp, as cars are usually stuck there for about an hour after the fireworks are done. We need as many as possible to help with this, so if you’re available on the 4th, either respond to this email or give me a call!

Thanks for your help, you folks, and please, help spread the word!!

-Alex “Toast” Troester
(507) 272-3787

email:  LaCrosseWinonaASA@gmail.com

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