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Protesters promoting pot prevail

Another fundraiser by Republican Senate Candidate Leah Vukmir was met by protesters promoting pot.  The “Unappreciation Party” was a continued awareness campaign against Vukmir’s negative public stance on medical marijuana from the December 2009 hearing for Assembly Bill 554 / Senate Bill 368.

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Was the protest against Vukmir a success?  I think so.  Anytime you create awareness about the need for reform of marijuana laws, there is success.  Members of Northern Wisconsin NORML joined the Madison chapter and other supporters to welcome Vukmir as she entered her fundraiser.

Entrance two covered

Members from Is My Medicine Legal Yet? pointed out that the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act would have protected doctors when recommending to use marijuana as medicine as well as protecting patients who found therapeutic relief from using cannabis.   The familiar slogan of “Medical Marijuana is Healthcare” was heard amongst the “honks 4 medical marijuana” from vehicles passing by.

Life with dignity! Slogan of Is My Medicine Legal Yet?
Get the Vuk out of Madison

At this time it is unknown if Vukmir would support a full legalization bill, but it is unlikely to matter report cannabis supporters.  “The number of protesters out numbered Vukmir’s supporters, her campaign for State Senate has as much validity as her statements concerning medical marijuana” one member stated.

The people protesting promoted the recreational use of marijuana also.  Pedestrians embraced the group’s multi-mission of promoting pot as a positive product.  Public support was overwhelming.  At one point in the rally, two pizza’s were delivered streetside to attendees for their hard work.
The facts that no one has died from cannabis and that cigarettes and alcohol kill so many were displayed.  It does makes sense to “free the weed” as one supporter was heard yelling.
Hemp Cannabis Can Help

It was very clear that protesters prevailed by promoting hemp cannabis as an environmentaly friendly and safe medicinal resource.  The future of marijuana in Wisconsin can be green and clean; we need to reform the marijuana laws immediately.  In these times of economic hardship and environmental degradation, why not allow the cultivation of  hemp cannabis, one of the worlds most useful plants.

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