Dad at picnic in May 2010
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Why I advocate for medicinal marijuana

For those of you that don’t know me well enough to know that I personally do not smoke/ use marijuana, this should clear this subject up for you.

My Dad was diagnosed Aug of 2009 with Bladder cancer. He went through surgery (mind you the hospital staff collapsed his lung in the process), only to find out in Oct 2009 that it metastasized to his bones and was very aggressive and progressive. Meaning he is terminal… He was recommended to chemo and radiation for no other reason than to try and slow the progression, to no avail. the cancer pushed through both types of treatment and progressed anyway.

Dad at Christmas 2009

My Dad is only 55 yrs old, to young to die! In all of this his Oncologist was amazed at how well he maintained his weight and mood, My Dad was honest with all of his Doctors. He told them I use The Earth’s medicine. It helps his appetite which is otherwise suppressed from Painkillers (Morphine & Dilaudid), It helped with nausea while he was doing treatments, it helps him cope emotionally with the thought that he will be gone from his family & friends that love him.

I know that there is nothing that can save my Dad’s life, But there is a way to help him and so many others from suffering. There is so much evidence that Marijuana can help/ cure alot of different ailments and diseases. Do the research, my profile is plastered with information most of the time.

Dad at picnic in May 2010

I personally work in health care and so many patients/ clients of all ages (even as old as 87) tell me that if it was legal the would try it, BECAUSE what they have now doesn’t always help. Please do the research it may not be for you but there are people out there that would benefit GREATLY from this natural medicine.

What if it was your loved one? You would want anything that would help wouldn’t you?

Tara Frutiger

Find the courage, take action today!

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