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Tavern owner offers opinions and observations

As a business owner and employer I see people self medicate everyday with alcohol, which is obviously considered acceptable. People use alcohol for different reasons. I know people go to a bar just to drink and have a good time, I would consider that recreation. I know people go out to the bar to socialize and talk about their and life’s problems, I would consider that a form of therapy. I know people that hurt so bad that they go out to the bar and drink till the pain goes away, I consider that self medicating.

Thank you to all consumers of alcohol, even though it kills many of us every single day.  Without alcohol, I am sure the economy and local business would really suffer. In fact, the bar business picked up since the economy collapsed, must be everyone is self medicating with alcohol now.

I support the rights of doctors to recommend marijuana as medication to patients. Using marijuana to medicate is long overdue. Cannabis is a safer choice for patients and recreational users.  If you have a problem with that; have a drink, I hear it takes the edge off.

Name withheld upon request.

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