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Wisconsin woman wiser about pot

Nurse, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, aunt and Wisconsinite are all terms easily attached to me. As I read this blog and learn more about Northern Wisconsin NORML, hemp, cannabis, medical marijuana I joined your organization am now proud to attach additional “labels” to myself, your “newest member” is one of them.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

I am proud of those who are also supporting this issue and glad to report as a nurse, that I found out the Wisconsin Nurses Association was in full support of medical marijuana and the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act during the last legislation session.


As you read those other “terms” I used, mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, Wisconsinite; remember these are terms easily attached to someone we love. Medical marijuana supporter is another term that is easily attached to all of us once YOU understand the facts. Anyone could become ill and anyone could be helped by cannabis, that is not a choice just a reality.

Theraputic Effets of cannabis

Imagine, as a non-marijuana user, being faced with an illness and being told “informally” by your doctor that “marijuana helps and if you can safely get some, to use it”.

100 years of cannabis use

It is time Wisconsin to protect patients and doctors. It is time Wisconsin once again became a leader and live up to the state motto of “Forward”. Help Wisconsin move forward with the reform of marijuana laws by joining Northern Wisconsin NORML today.

Thank you,

A now Wiser Wisconsin Woman

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