One of these things is not like the others

To protest or not to protest, or is that a parade?

Just these past couple days I have had a couple phrases, almost jingles stuck in my head.  One of them comes from an sign slogan describing the annual deaths from alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals and hemp cannabis.

One of these things is not like the others

“One of these things is not like the others” certainly rings true.  And after a recent vigil I had a chance to apply this on a couple different levels.  As we activists engage with the general public, from time to time a “misinformed” individual on a path of distraction appears. 

Beware of these “haters” and those to take you from your mission, for they are not like the others.  As an outsider viewing one of our events that is unfortunate to have one of these rare “hater encounters”; a friend gave me this sound observational advice.

A misinformed individual is confronted by everyone and message board

The problem arguing with an idiot is that an outside observer can’t tell which one’s which.

MMJ Supporter with camera ready

As citizen and human rights activists; we need to be prepared to deal with situations where Truth, Honesty and Compassion will prevail.  Tone and language have a great deal to do with the way your message is received and the actions invoked.

Medical Cannabis and Hemp Exhibits at Wisconsin DNR Free Fishing Day event hosted by various supporters for the reform of marijuana laws

As I reflected and prepared for the upcoming weeks events I had to stop, pause and count.  If everything goes as planned; I will have attended four “awareness” events within two weeks of each other.   Using the same “activist survivor package” of signs, banners and poster board messages designed during the T.H.C. Tour, applied with a different layer of tone and language we plan to go from a “Potluck Picnic/Awareness Fisheree” 

to a Vigil for Victims of Marijuana Prohibition in Madison on June 7th.

Vigil for Victims of Marijuana Prohibition in Madison Wisconsin

to a June Dairy Days Parade in Markesan on Saturday June 12th at 5:30pm

NORML June Dairy Days Parade Flyer

and then onto an “Leah Vukmir Unappreciation Party” planned for June 17th 4-7pm

An artist rendition of Vukmir MMJ ID Card

Definitions and labels are important, but so are actions, which have the power to speak louder than words.  So no matter what you call it or what you do, please just go do it.  If not us, who? If not now, when?

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