Cannabis clothing creates conversations

With the topic of hemp, cannabis or marijuana as mainstream in today’s media as it is, why are not more people talking about this issue in public? There are many reasons people are not pushing the pot issue, but there are even more reasons they should. Focusing on hemp cannabis for food, fuel, fiber or industrial uses alone should warrant the re-legalization of this often misunderstood plant.

So, over the Memorial Day weekend we wore our “hemp gear” proudly and you should also. As observers first looked at the mysterious leaf and the word NORML you could see their curiosity was piqued. Without saying a word we made a huge impact. It was not more than minutes before the first pot story was “passed around”.

“During prohibition you could find cigarettes with hash in them” or something like that was heard from the crowd. With echo’s of “I hear people who have cancer say it works wonders” and followed by “wasn’t Wisconsin once seeded with hemp? The ditch weed is everywhere” to “the government is being ridiculous with the war on this plant”. The conversations were started and we helped educate; and so can you.

The material our shirt was made from, well, yes, it was hemp. So of course we pointed out that Hemp Cannabis versus cotton as a agricultural crop requires less pesticides (in fact, hemp cannabis does not require any pesticides). But none the less, hemp cannabis out yields cotton by 300% in production per acre, is 400% warmer and water absorbent and 300% stronger than cotton. All easy talking points for any “marijuana activist”.

Most public opinion polls show majority support for industrial hemp cannabis as well as medical marijuana, which is allowing constituents to raise the issue again and again to politicians. A new front has re-emerged from the recreational user, as support to legalize, regulate and tax this plant are heard from all ends of the United States. It just may finally be “pot-litically” correct to support the reform of marijuana laws.

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