Green Bay Area Activism Thread

We have a few Field Activists interested in leading a charge in to put the green topic back in Green Bay and will be attending city council meetings, please join them. If you are interested in attending and want to discuss the procedure and what to say, please contact the chapter directly at 920-931-4207 or email at


  • Green Bay Common Council Information as of January 20, 2018:

    Here are the email address to cut and paste if you want to email them all at once:;;;;;;;;;;;

  • Next Green Bay City Council meeting is:

    Tuesday February 6th, 2018

    We will also try to keep the calendar updated.

  • Showing up at a city council meeting might be scary, but so is continued prohibition.....using this information your public statement at a city council or town board meeting just might spark an interest and conversation about cannabis reform.

    We have two things right now which would make sense to speak to your city council person about:

    1) Adopting a resolution to support and place this question on the ballot:

    QUESTION 1: “Medical Marijuana. Should the state of Wisconsin allow individuals with debilitating medical conditions to use and safely access marijuana for medical purposes if those individuals have a written recommendation from a licensed Wisconsin physician?”

    and 2) lowering the civil infraction for first possession offensive of marijuana and/or removing the civil penalty for the possession of marijuana (similar to Madison or Monona, Wisconsin)

    Here is a link to the sample letter I was creating, feel free to speak to a council person directly locally to assist you in approaching your own council, that is also part of their job.

    They maybe able to also propose and adopt a resolution very similar to this. If our state legislators fail to move on this, other communities still could have this wording on their ballots come fall 2018.

  • 2) lowering the civil infraction for first possession offensive of marijuana and/or removing the civil penalty for the possession of marijuana (similar to Madison or Monona, Wisconsin) is more tricky, but at least we could talk to them about it.

    Right now in the 2017-18 Wisconsin State Legislation is pending to reduce minor marijuana possession penalties.

    Under current law, possession of any amount is a misdemeanor that carries up to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine if convicted by a plea or trial.

    Senate Bill 318 / Assembly Bill 409 amends state law so that marijuana possession offenses (up to 10 grams) are reduced to a civil offense, punishable by a fine of $100.

    The policy proposed by this bill is line with those of numerous other states, including Nebraska and Ohio. Such a change will save taxpayers money and allow police and the courts to re-prioritize their resources toward addressing more serious crimes.

    Minor marijuana possession offenders, many of them young people, should not be saddled with a criminal record and the lifelong penalties and stigma associated with it.

    So a starting point could be to share with them this information that the state is trying to adopt and use that as a guideline to begin your conversation.

    Here is the links to the Madison Ordinance:

    City of Monona Ordinance:

  • Tuesday March 20 is next common council meeting
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    More from your city council regarding marijuana and referendums

    GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Dozens of people showed up to the Executive Committee Meeting in Brown County Monday night, to continue discussions about marijuana. The committee did not take further action on the issue, but they did allow time for public comments.

    In July the board made a decision not to ask voters about legalizing recreational marijuana on the November ballot. That decision made some residents, like Laura Kiefert, upset.

    "I'm disgusted that they didn't ask the voters to weigh in on it, that was there job. Not to interject their own personal opinions of whether or not the board will support it," said Kiefert.

    County Board supervisor Bernie Erickson was one of the members that voted no, and said he would never support the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana.

    "That's completely out for me! I've done a lot of study on it and once again I talked to the medical community and they say absolutely not," said Erickson.

    Erickson says he has been working on a resolution in support of the state regulating the drug for medical purposes in Wisconsin.

    "I had a resolution and it was not written properly so I pulled it. I will hold it for a couple of months until I get the proper wording and then I will bring it forward again," said Erickson.

    In November Brown County voters will be asked about the legalization of medical marijuana, however the outcome of those results will have no affect on state law. Brown County will be among five counties that will ask some sort of marijuana referendum question in November
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    A group met Aug 13th to discuss options for local activism and are meeting again on Aug 20th at 6pm in Green Bay. Good luck.. forming a chapter is rewarding, but hard work..

    I always advise people to review the Field Activsit Section of our chapter if they want to dive in and cannot support a full board/chapter.
  • Green Bay Decriminalization efforts making the news:

    GREEN BAY - City officials want more information about ordinances is other cities before they act on an alderman’s proposal to reduce penalties for possession of marijuana.

    Currently, a person cited for possession of 25 grams or less of marijuana can be fined up to $1,000 and have their driver's license suspended for up to six months.

    Alderman Randy Scannell has proposed reducing the maximum fine to $500, eliminating license suspension, and ending a requirement that a possession conviction count as the person’s first drug offense in the state.

    On Monday, Protection and Policy Committee members asked city staff to collect information on what other cities in the state fine offenders, how much people are being fined under current law, and whether the fine is used as leverage in more serious criminal cases.

    Eric Bertaud, who previously advocated for Brown County's advisory Nov. 6 referendum on legalizing medical marijuana, was among five proponents of cutting fines to speak at Monday’s meeting. They all asked the committee to even further reduce the fine even further.

    “I’m in support of any step the city would like to take to decriminalize this,” said, a user of medicinal marijuana. “I’d like to see it reduced more, like to $100 or less.”

    The Green Bay Police Department is not taking a stance on Scannell’s proposal. Scannell did discuss it with Chief Andrew Smith and Mayor Jim Schmitt this summer, though.

    Municipal citations issued by police for possession of marijuana are similar to a parking ticket. Police officers can ask prosecutors to file state misdemeanor or felony charges against someone accused of more serious drug offenses.

    The current ordinance also only applies to people with no previous possession of marijuana citations. City staff said that restriction reduces officers’ ability to issue a municipal citation instead of seeking a more serious charge if a circumstance merits only a citation.

    If the City Council changes the odinance, Green Bay would join six other Wisconsin cities that have reduce fines for possession in the last three years, according to data from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, short for NORML. Some communities have gone a further step and decriminalized possession of small quantities in your home.

    Oshkosh: $200/25 grams, January 2018

    Monona: $200/no quantity, May 2017

    Madison: $100/10 grams, March 2017

    Stevens Point: $100/5 grams, August 2015

    Milwaukee: $50/25 grams, June 2015

    Kenosha: $750/28 grams, May 2015


  • Decriminalization update:

    Alderman Randy Scannell speaks in favor of putting a question about the legality of marijuana on the Nov. ballot at a Brown County board meeting at city hall on Wednesday, July 18, 2018 in Green Bay, Wis. Members of the public spoke to the county board Wednesday as it weighed whether or not election ballots this fall will include non-binding questions about the legality of marijuana.

    Earlier this month, the Green Bay City Council's Protection and Policy Committee tabled a discussion of Alderman Randy Scannell's proposal to cut the municipal fine for possessing small amounts of marijuana in order to give city officials time to get more information about fines in other communities.

    The discussion resumes when the committee meets at 5:30 p.m. Monday in room 207 of City Hall, 100 N. Jefferson St.

  • Green Bay Area Activists are trying to form/organize a chapter for NORML:

    Oct 1st, Monday from 6pm until 7pm

    We will be discussing the Green Bay decriminalization efforts, as well as begin shaping the path to official affiliation. We are looking for strong potential leaders and insightful members.

  • CALM of Brown County is also trying to organize in the Green Bay / Brown County area:

    They have a meeting on October 24th

    Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
    Brown County Library
    515 Pine St, Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301

    Free and open to adults

    You should attend if you are convinced marijuana is “bad”, generally hurts society and is harmful to individuals or if you are worried about the dangers of marijuana, including teen use, increased traffic accidents, and the “Gateway Effect”. Anyone willing to learn about the benefits of legalizing marijuana is welcome.

  • Oct 2 6pm in Green Bay!

    Here is info... forward this to your board / council / committee members.
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