New Brochure in the works.

We are running out of brochures and need to print more. Time to update some of the info on Hemp, Medical, and Recreational. Any ideas on stuff to include. Jay has already mentioned adding back the page on the back where people could sign there contact or membership info. Also the possibility of adding contact info for Madison and SE chapters.


  • I do not know if you want to cite Act 4 the CBD and Act 100 Industrial Hemp, but that might be good least the date it was published, Act 4 had an original act also, but I think that went away with ACT 4

    Maybe a Two Fold Brochure instead of the tri fold? People said printing the front/back off line and getting the folds did not always work the best.

  • I moved this thread to public thread and invited SE and Madison to join in.

    We really need to jump on this, February is full of possible events and I think we are very very low on printed materials.

  • Here is what SE WI NORML is using :

  • Here is what National NORML was last using I believe :

  • I know Jessie added an ecommerce account also, so some of the links might have changed a little, double check that:


    Make sure you add the forum link or information about joining the conversation online anytime on the forum.

    I think Jessie also is going to import all products to a central "Store" or shop:

    So there we will have shirts that are online sale and also our own shirts we print and ship, and pins, etc... basically we can put multiple medium products out on the same shop....NORML rolling papers etc.

    I do know not if we are going to grow this project, but we also have an affiliate program, which basically can be used to track individual traffic, memberships, donations and product sales to individual activists work product. In the future, if we were to pay commissions or have award systems based off what people bring in, some sort of tracking is need... Talk to Jessie, you and all the board members have it set up already!

    I used to put our Board of Directors names also on the brochure, made it more personal.

  • The last brochure was a combination of the previous brochure, the national brochure, and new information. I will be listing the forum and other links in the brochure, but mainly I am using the brochure to steer people to the website. Rather than typing out each link on a brochure to get to these links, most people would prefer just to go to a website or facebook and click on the links there. The problem I have with facebook is that it is so temporary. A link posted there will be buried under two hundred other things the next day. I will be at the event in Marquette on Feb. 3 I will bring a draft of the brochure to tweek and then take it to the printer the following week. Not sure how long the printer will take. I plan on making a separate printer friendly one page brochure for the website. Any input on the brochure needs to happen before then.

  • I would be taking in the business cards then too, but I don't think anything needs to be changed on those.

  • Brochure is done and sent for final revue.

  • I see it came through to just to the chapter email directly and saw a few changes that needed to be made, email them back to you.

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