Not a November to Remember

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Although many great things happen every month in Wisconsin Activism and now that Industrial Hemp is legal, signed by the Gov and passed onto the rule makers I am sure more good things will come ... but ... November was not a month to remember as far as chapter funding and memberships.

The chapter had no new members join in November.

In fact, we had no renewals either. Just one donation of $25 came in from a gentleman who constantly donates and is already a member. (Thanks Don!)

The other $14.29 that came into the chapter bank account was from our online store of merchandise sales.
(Thank you to those who purchased NORML Gear online via our Spreadshirt Store)
Here is the link to purchase some of your own
Our webstore is in process of being expanded and adding new products not available on Spreadshirt:

Supporting the chapter financially is important, but it is just as important to support the chapter and marijuana reform by becoming a Field Activist. We did have several volunteers out collecting signature pages and distributing informational brochures this month through our Field Activist Program.

Going forward we really need our Field Activist program to grow, just like we need this forum to continue to grow. We hope to see your continued efforts as Field Activists be tracked, recognized and rewarded through the Affiliate Program we plan to launch in 2018.

What can you do right now?

Join or Renew:


Review our Field Activist Section of our website and volunteer today:

Review and support the current active legislation in Wisconsin:

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  • Thank You for everything you do for our chapter, Jay. We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

    I will keep adding products to the website shop this month, and also will promote the "Join" page.

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