Marathon County Activism Thread

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Submitted by Kurt:

On November 6th, residents in Marathon County will have an opportunity to vote for medical marijuana. Marijuana is a valuable treatment for a variety of health-problems including glaucoma, chronic pain, and post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, the FDA just approved the first-ever marijuana-derived medicine for epilepsy from GW Pharmaceuticals. This shatters the myth that marijuana has no medical value. Day by day medical science is discovering that it may have many benefits. It is therefore not surprising that 31 states and Canada have now legalized marijuana.
Legal medical marijuana shows great promise for reversing the opioid crisis affecting many Wisconsin families. Opioid overdoses have skyrocketed with 800 alone last year and nearly 80% of heroin users reporting opioid use prior to initiating heroin. The good news is marijuana is proving to be an alternative to opioids. A recent study in the Journal of Addition showed that, among the states that legalize marijuana, prescriptions for opioids dropped by 30%. The researchers postulated that doctors were reaching for marijuana as a less addictive, safer alternative to opioids.
In addition to easing pain and suffering, other states have also benefited from taxing and regulating marijuana. Colorado has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars each year from marijuana-generated revenue for K-12 expenditures. With Wisconsin roads in need of repair, why let neighboring states syphon tax revenues from commercial activity that could easily occur legally in Wisconsin.
Let’s stop punishing Wisconsinites for using medical marijuana. Let’s give people suffering from pain an alternative to opioids.  And let’s keep Wisconsin revenue in our state helping our schools and our people. Common sense is a good thing, when applied.
Also, please take the time to do some research before you do vote to determine which political candidates to endorse which will further the objective of medical marijuana legalization rather than choosing those that have demonstrated by their statements and/or their established history that they will be obstructionist. Vote yes for medical marijuana legalization on November 6th!

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