Madison and Wisconsin NORML receive resignation from Gary Storck

Jason Glaspie, Vice President of the The Madison NORML and Wisconsin NORML chapters report via the Madison and Wisconsin NORML Facebook groups the resignation of Gary Storck.  Here is a copy of the post.

storck gary profile picture Madison and Wisconsin NORML receive resignation from Gary Storck


Last night, the boards of both Madison NORML & Wisconsin NORML, unanimously accepted the immediate resignation of Gary Storck. While Mr. Storck has been with both organizations for some time, it is felt by all, that the time for a parting of ways is now. Gary will continue to be an occasional member of both groups, just in a non-voting, non-Emeritus, capacity, in as much as his busy schedule allows. Also, all administrator, webmaster, or other behind-the-scene privileges which Gary holds are in the process of being shuffled off to other good folks; hopefully, seamlessly.

Those at both organizations wish Gary the best in his future endeavors; and hope to continue reading his entertaining blog posts and his work with Jacki Rickert's group IMMLY (Is My Medicine Legal Yet?). Godspeed and good luck, Gary!

We at Northern Wisconsin NORML wish Gary the best of luck in all his endeavors and look forward to learning and reading about his continued activism.  Thanks for being NORML Gary!

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