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Introducing NORML AmyBeth: Mom, Wife, Student, Leader and Activist

Hi I am Amy I am a proud mother of 3 great kids and a wife to a loving husband. I am also a PTO secretary and school volunteer and a full time Marketing student; my dream is to work in Charity Fundraising. I was a Girl Scout leader for 2 years. As a leader I emphasized the importance of volunteering and helping those less fortunate then themselves. After the Haiti and Japan Earthquakes we raised funds for Save the Children and for a Girl Scout Troop in Japan.

A NORML MOM - Doing waht comes naturally

In August 2011 our lives turned into a nightmare my husband was arrested for manufacturing marijuana. I am also being charged party to a crime because I did not turn him in. We are facing 4 felonies and a misdemeanor. I resigned as a leader because I did not want to bring any negative attention to GS. I understand that it is illegal but I believe it shouldn't be! Our family was ripped apart for 16 very long days, my children torn from our loving home and now for the next year we are unexpectedly visited by social services. I quiver at the thought of families being torn apart as mine was, just because someone grew some weed. We are still going through court; it has been a long stressful process, especially since I have never been in trouble with the law.

I was a teen mom. I had my oldest after I turned 18 she is now 10 and is the top reader in her class, and a straight “A” student except for a “B” in science. My youngest daughter has ADHD and Oppositional Defiance disorder. Life as a parent was very hard with her until we put her on meds; she has done a complete turn around from last school year. I was very hesitant about putting her on meds hoping she would mature we waited until she was in first grade to start taking medical action. She has had nothing but great reports from her teachers. My son just turned 3 and is already potty trained has been for over a year! Our kids are our life and we do whatever is necessary for them. I wouldn’t say I am a perfect parent, but I am not a neglectful one.

Since my name is now tainted I decided to do something positive with it, which is why I became an activist. I heard about NORML just after my husband was arrested. I think it is great there people are taking a stand for what they believe in. I believe that marijuana should be legalized, for both medicinal purposes and recreational use. I think that there are more pressing issues that the government should be focusing on. Like the rapists and sex offenders who receive lesser sentencing than a non violent drug dealer. Which completely disgusts me, there are people suffering everyday because of some sick pervert who couldn't keep his hands to himself.

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  1. Pam
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    I think what you're doing is wonderful! The laws are so backwards and it's sad that your family is stuck in the middle of it. If you don't mind me asking, exactly how did your husband get caught? Was he selling in addition to growing or what? How pathetic that this little healing plant is so misunderstood. But everything happens for a reason and maybe you were meant all the way along to become a NORML mom and fight for others! Kudos to you girl!

  2. NORML AmyBeth
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    Thank you, it is a very complicated story as to how he got caught. Long story short we were snitched on by my sisters ex. Mainly because her (the ex is a he/she very gender confused person) sister is a heroine addict and had her kids taken away so in order to get the kids back they told on us.

  3. becki frazier
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    i feel that Antigo police department needs to work on things that really matter...it is a matter of ignorance and desire to feel in control of something or someone...they need to work on people that hurt the children in the community..not people that care and love children...they need to open there eyes and really see. i love your post...
    there are sooo many sex affenders out there and when reported they say not enough evidence or you made them say this...one excuse after anther...sorry cant do anything about it...kids really dont seem to be their number one on their list...their name is at the top of list...i did this!!!see me...thanks for the space to voice my opinion...

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      I agree completely, my kids are our first priority. There are many people doing worse things than smoking or growing weed. But that don't seem to be a priority to them. My "father" enticed my sister and received only 6 months in jail! 6 months! He is not on the sex offender list! My sister suffers for the rest of her life that the one man she was supposed protect did the complete opposite. Where was the law to protect her then!? This is why I am doing this, the law needs to focus on the real criminals and stop ruining peoples lives and tearing loving families apart.

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