07-10-20 Meting Minutes for Northern Wisconsin NORML

Northern Wisconsin NORML LOGO highest rez 300x258 07 10 20 Meting Minutes for Northern Wisconsin NORML

The July 10th,2014 meeting of Northern Wisconsin NORML was called to order at: 5:20 pm

Board Members Present:  Gene, Jay, Jason, Jessica.  Not Present: John.

Also Present:  Rich, Micha, Dennis, Shannon, and 9 new faces

Jay read the treasurer’s report.   $430 contributions, $290 in expenses for the month of June.  A copy of the full report was emailed and shared with all board members.  Jay called for a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.  All board members present voted Aye.  The motion was passed.

We asked for public comments, and there were none at this time.

Gene updated us regarding the lockbox project that we had discussed last month.  He will continue to work on this.

Gene also discussed John’s plan to canvas the Hodag festival, which starts tonight.  That is probably where John is right now.  John and other activists will be handing out flyers and other information in the parking areas at the festival all weekend long.

Sarah did a great job on creating our new flyers.  John spent about $400 of his own money to print some.

Gene also looked into reprinting one of our chapter’s early shirts, the “Grow the Economy” shirt, and John is willing to fund this project.  Gene found a screen printer that is sympathetic to the cause and is willing to do the screen printing at cost, but is currently backed up.  They are printing 2 dozen shirts, and it should be under $200.  Since Dennis and Michael are here, we asked them if they could print some for us.  They are in transition right now but in a couple months they will be able to do a shirt run for us.

John would like to organize our own festival type event, in Rhinelander, and is looking into that. He would also like to look into doing a THC Tour style event at the library in Minocqua.

Gene would like to hold some type of movie screening in Stevens Point this fall.

We discussed musical venues of various types in different cities.  There is a large event in Wausau that was suggested as something to check out also.

At 5:40, Dennis Brennan from the Ben Masel Project (http://www.benmaselproject.com/)  took the floor.  He discussed the out of state Oregon Medical Marijuana Card. Paul Stanford will be coming to the Madison Harvest Fest again this year to re-certify the first batch of patients, and certify a new batch of patients.  Pre-register in August, but you won’t have to pay until October when you actually see the doctor at Harvest Fest. Dennis spoke and answered questions until 6:30 pm.

WI Statute 961.41 (3g)

WI Statute 961.32 (2c)

Next, we discussed the chapter booth.  Gene wants to track down all the tents and pieces of our booth.. right now, we have parts of our booth out in 4 different cities.  Gene wants a centralized place to store this stuff so that, when we need something, we don’t have to hunt down 4 different people.   Jay pointed out that when it comes to merchandise and other things, we should each have a small stash of merchandise.  That way we can each have simultaneous events/sales/etc if the opportunity presents itself.  So, when we have tshirts, pins, bracelets, etc, we should each have a small stash of those.  Big Green Fest (http://thebiggreenfest.com/) is coming up on August 16th.  Rich is planning to table there.  Steve has part of the tent in Illinois.  Can we get him to bring it to the next meeting on August 14th?

We discussed what types of movies we might be able to get permission to screen publicly.  Jessie suggested that we screen Public Domain films from the Prelinger archives (https://archive.org/search.php?query=marijuana).

Gene made hemp postcards for the chapter to sell. That’s awesome  :)

Gene also has an idea for a series of billboards.  He drew out his ideas by hand.  He wants to find a sympathetic landowner who has a really good spot next to a busy highway who would let us put signs up.  Gene would be willing to fund making the signs - but we have to find a place to put them.  Jay and Jessie will work on a blog entry about this, looking for someone who fits this description.

The meeting was adjourned at 7 pm.


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Meeting and Presentation on Out of State Medical Marijuana Cards scheduled for July 10th, 2014

4:20 - 5:30pm Meet and Greet in the downstairs eatery area. 

5:30 - 7:00pm Board / Public Meeting and featured speaker/presentation.

Oregon Medical Marijuana Cards and applying as an out of state patient.

Come learn more about The ben masel project page and how an Wisconsin patient can obtain a medical marijuana card through the state of Oregon program.

Please visit the http://www.benmaselproject.com/

Northern NORML logo northern lights 300x258 Meeting and Presentation on Out of State Medical Marijuana Cards scheduled for July 10th, 2014

Northern Wisconsin NORML

Northern Wisconsin NORML  is a regional chapter for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and holds regular public monthly meetings on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 4:30 until approximately 6:30pm in the Harmony Cafe located at 223 E College Ave, Appleton.  Check the calendar of events often for updates, items to bring to the meeting and to confirm agendas.  Our next meeting date is Thursday July 10th, 2014.

From 4:20pm to 5:30pm we enjoy fellowship as an informal group of supporters gathering together prior to our meeting. We meet at the Harmony Cafe in Appleton, which has desserts and beverages available for sale. At 5:30pm we begin our general meeting upstairs in the 3rd Floor conference room.  (Just keep on walking up the stairs until you see the NORML people!)

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Rhinelander area activist requests help canvasing Hodag Country

rhinelander hodag rectangle decal 1 Rhinelander area activist requests help canvasing Hodag Country


The chapter is looking for volunteers who would like to Professionally represent Northern Wisconsin NORML by canvassing at the Hodag Country Festival July 10-13th, 2014. Unfortunately a chapter booth is not possible for us this year, maybe next year. Volunteers will be walking the parking areas and campgrounds with information and form letters. Volunteers must be responsible, professional and respect all points of view.

Please contact john@northernwinorml.org for more information

Please and Thank You.

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Introduction to a Field Activist NORML Sarah

I'm a new NORML field activist in Central Wisconsin, and here's my brief tale.... I've recently returned to Central Wisconsin to save money, be by family, and to focus on restoring my health. It’s good to be near family who can help support the difficult lifestyle that accompanies Crohn’s disease.

After my initial diagnosis in 2006, I succumbed to countless side effects from medications my doctor had prescribed, I was a wreck. Most of the medications I was taking were just to deal with side effects of the other medications I was taking. There were pills to suppress my immune system, to help me sleep, to dull the pain, to reduce the inflammation, to clear the nausea, to create an appetite, and to dispel the migraines. Not to mention nutritional supplements to stave off malnutrition.

Three years after diagnosis, I moved to Colorado. Shortly after my move, I became aware of the opportunity to use medical cannabis to treat my Crohn’s disease in Colorado. Over the course of the five years I was in Colorado, I was a medical cannabis patient for the last four.

Top10BenefitsInfographic 420x262 Introduction to a Field Activist NORML Sarah

In that time, I was able to wean myself off my other prescription medications. Using only medical cannabis oils in capsules and edibles, vaporized inhalant cannabis oils, and a medicinal diet created by a dietician and a naturopath, I successfully reduced the Crohn’s related inflammation in my intestines from over 18 inches, at diagnosis, to barely noticeable on diagnostic imaging and tests. At this time, the degree of inflammation is still very severe, but it’s impact has been reduced to less than a 1” section of my small intestines. This is all without harmful pharmaceuticals.

My medical goal now is to get into full remission. Since I have come to Wisconsin, I have had to quit medical cannabis and restart corticosteroids. One month after my first visit with my new doctor, and I am already taking four different prescription medications.

This week, I will likely start on an immune-modulator called azathioprine. A step I dread, since conservative estimates have shown that azathioprine increases a Crohn’s patient’s risk of developing lymphoma by 3- to 5-fold [Gut. Aug 2005; 54(8): 1121–1125.]

Alternatively, a recent small study was done with cannabis and Crohn’s patients who had poor responses to steroids, immunomodulators, or anti-tumor necrosis factor-alpha agents. Preliminary findings showed a five-fold increase in incidences of remission, and a nearly 100% clinical response in patients taking medical cannabis vs the placebo group. Also, no significant side effects were noted. [Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol, 2013 Oct; 11(10):1276-1280]

CBDTHCuses 398x420 Introduction to a Field Activist NORML Sarah

We need to make as much headway as we can in getting the word out about the need for medical cannabis here in Wisconsin. This is my hometown. I want to change the fact that I cannot live here and take the medication that works best for me, the medication that poses the least risk to my health and relieves more of my symptoms.

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06-12-2014 Meeting Minutes for Northern Wisconsin NORML

Northern Wisconsin NORML LOGO highest rez 300x258 06 12 2014 Meeting Minutes for Northern Wisconsin NORMLThe June 12 meeting of Northern WI NORML was called to order at 5:30 pm.

Board Members Present:  Gene, Jay, Jessie, John   Absent:  Jason

Others in attendance:  Lucas, Christina, Rich, and new member Jared who joined the chapter tonight.

We began with the Treasurer’s report.  The report was approved and seconded by Gene.

At this time we opened the meeting for public comments.

It was brought to our attention by a member in attendance that when they contacted the Madison, WI chapter to ask them for some collaboration regarding fundraising, official representatives of the Madison NORML chapter badmouthed our chapter again. This is an ongoing problem, where untrue statements are being made, which are hostile in nature, with no provocation.  The board members and regular members of Northern WI NORML have made repeated efforts to make peace with the individuals who seem to have a problem.  However we still hear feedback fairly often that indicates they are still bad mouthing our organization.

Lucas mentioned that he has been given permission to paint the side and roof of a barn that belongs to a friend of his, on behalf of another organization he belongs to, Legalize Wisconsin. He will be looking into the local ordinances for painting advertisements on the sides of buildings.  If all looks good and is able to proceed, he said that Northern WI NORML would be welcome to put something on the barn as well.  We look forward to an update on this project.

Gene and Rich gave a report about the Wausau THC Tour event that they organized on June 7th, 2014.  They placed an ad in the City Pages but did not put up flyers or anything.  Although this leg of the THC Tour was organized to celebrate Hemp History Week, they official Hemp History Week group refused to give us the rights to the “Bringing it Home” movie, because we were not 100% focused on hemp. For our next event, it was suggested that instead of tying into Hemp History Week, we might be better off just doing it on a better date for everyone.  However it was a very successful event and had a good attendance.  They used the entire two hours and a local reporter came to the event.    Gene also mentioned that next time, maybe we could spend the extra $100 on making the ad color - the ad was printed in b&w and was not very eye catching.  Gene had a hard time finding it in the city pages.   Jay pointed out that next time we should have one or more people write a letter to the editor ahead of time to tell the community about our event.

The festival guy:  He has a booth and travels to different music festivals and sets up a booth.  He asked us to give him our brochures, flyers, cards, etc and he will put them out at his booths.  He also asked if we could give him a locked donation box, and then he can collect donations, but nobody but our chapter would have the key.  He would just give us the box back when we give him more flyers, or whatever.   We would have to figure out what kind of lockbox system to use and then we could use it in other situations as well.  Lucas has volunteered to look into Lockbox pricing.  If they’re cheap enough, we can give one to every field activist.  Gene also suggested we look into something along the lines of outdoor weatherproof business card holders.

Sarah is re-designing our Brochure.  She discussed this with the group.  First, she went over the Q&A  that we have on the brochure.  She wants to move away from the info we have on the brochure now, and adding more information about the medical cannabis side.  Gene wants to add information about how cannabis is safer than alcohol, as well as tax revenue and other benefits.  It was suggested that she might want to get a quote from Gene’s printer, or possibly from N E W printing in Appleton.  Jay suggested that before we print a bunch of brochures, we decide where we will be meeting in the coming year.  We had been discussing finding a new meeting venue already and we don’t want to print thousands of brochures with our current meeting info.  Perhaps we should just leave the meeting info off of the brochure completely, and tell people to check our website, call or email us for more information.  “Check the website / calendar / facebook for a meeting near you”.  Sarah will continue to work on the brochure with the feedback she received and get back to us at the next meeting or in an email.

John wants to make a list of board members and contact information in case we need to get in touch with each other quickly.  Jay says that we should be using the board and steering mailing lists for this.  We need to get the newer board members up to speed on how to use the system.  I (Jessie) will write up some documentation for them explaining how it works.  Also, Jay has brought up again, that we really should have a board members forum and/or steering forum rather than a mailing list, because it has archival properties.  (Does the mailing list manager I'm using now have archives??  Check into that).  Otherwise, I really do need to look into forum software and get it all set up on the site.

It was brought up that we possibly need a storage unit of some type.   Some of our promotional materials got water damaged where they are currently being stored.  We also need to repair and/or replace the materials that were damaged.

Rich pointed out that the THC Tour events are something that we could get government grants for.

We discussed TV stations.  John mentioned that the Rhinelander, WI channel 12 station recently reported on a marijuana bust and said that the plants had been found before they had become hallucinatory.  Marijuana is not a hallucinatory drug.  He called them and told them that they were reporting incorrect information and asked them to do a better job checking their facts in the future.

We took a brief break at 6:30 so people could feed their meters, etc.

We briefly discussed unity among the different groups and how we need to find some way to have board members from EACH and EVERY chapter form a group that can work together harmoniously.

Regarding future events:  John discussed the Hodag Country Festival July 10th - 13th.   John wants to be low profile and walk around with informational handouts and petitions as well as voter registration forms.  He would like to have 6-8 people walking around in pairs - 4 teams working in 4 directions.  He only wants to hit the parking area and the campgrounds.  Gene wants to call and ask the festival if that is OK with them.  There is no official vendor application and only one owner/operator of this festival.  It costs $250 for a booth, if she would allow us to have one.  Can we get a booth there?  Is a booth more effective than canvassing?  Can we do both?  John said he could make the contact this week. He will let her know that no one will be using any illegal substances and ask if this is acceptable. Sarah is going to work on this project with John. Our next meeting is not until after the festival.  John will get in touch with us when there is more information.

Jay informed us that next month, for our July 2014 meeting, we will be hosting a special speaker from the Ben Masel project (http://benmaselproject.com/), Dennis Brennan.  He will give us more information about getting an Oregon Medical Marijuana card through the Ben Masel project.  There are only about 62 people in Wisconsin who have their Oregon cards.

Gene plans to do an event in September 2014 and will keep us posted  that.

Gene also discussed wanting to do a booth at The Energy Fair in Stevens Point that is coming up June 20-22.  There is not enough time this year.  But we should keep this in mind for next year. The deadline for registering for this event is in Feb or March.   Gene knows some of these people on the board and/or involved in the event, and he thinks that they will let us in as a nonprofit group. He doesn’t know if they would let us have a speaker, though.  (https://www.midwestrenew.org/energyfair)

Gene pointed out that summer is the best time for events in our state.  So, this summer when you are out and notice events in your community, please make a note of these events, and perhaps we can look into having a booth at them in the future.  Find out the deadlines for vendor applications, fees, and other information.

Harvest Fest 2014 will be held at a different venue this year, since Library Mall will be under construction.  When the HF planning meetings start happening in Madison, we need to have someone go there and attend and coordinate with them.

Big Green Festival is August 16th - we want to do a booth there as well.

Gene discussed Speakers.  He wants to make a wish list of nationally known speakers that we would want to have at our events. Perhaps we could find speakers that will be passing through Wisconsin for another event, and try to get them to speak at our events at a discounted price?  The national NORML office has a list of cannabis speakers and their approximate prices.. this is not a comprehensive list of ALL speakers but at least is a start.

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Letter: Rep. Ron Kind’s drug war rhetoric detached from reality

Ron Kind official Congressional photo portrait 290x420 Letter: Rep. Ron Kinds drug war rhetoric detached from reality

A not so Kind bud

EDITOR: U.S. Rep. Ron Kind recently stated that he believes marijuana use makes people dumber. Marijuana does indeed make people dumber, but it’s usually the politicians discussing it rather than the people using it.

Kind was wary of legalization because of the plant’s potential impact on our ability to compete globally — an interesting concern, since Wisconsin in 2011 was ranked as the sixth-drunkest state in the country by the National Institue on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. If substance abuse is a concern, perhaps Kind should start there.

Also interesting to note: Colorado’s economy is booming compared to Wisconsin’s.

Globally, you would need to travel to such authoritarian places as Iran, China or Texas to find harsher drug laws than we have here.The usual response is that adding another substance will make things worse. But legal or not, we’re not “adding” anything. As every recent Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse survey shows, marijuana is easier for high school students to buy than beer. It is relatively easy to obtain, even in prison. If we cannot keep it away from people locked in cages surrounded by armed guards, what hope is there for the rest of society?

The real issues, of course, are those of freedom and justice — freedom at the end of a long day to relax with a substance that is safer than alcohol, and justice in the fair application of our laws. In the U.S., African-Americans are nearly four times as likely as whites to be arrested for marijuana possession than whites (and more than that in Wisconsin), though they use it at similar rates.

The general public is starting to realize the folly of marijuana prohibition, just as they did years ago with alcohol. In the future, I hope Kind does not continue to embarrass our great state, and himself, by regurgitating the tired drug war rhetoric of 40 years ago.

Greg Kascewicz,

Stevens Point


Source: http://www.wausaudailyherald.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2014306120345

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Three Conditions That Will Never be the Same Because Of Weed

Three Conditions That Will Never be the Same Because Of Weed

medical marijuana awareness shirts Three Conditions That Will Never be the Same Because Of Weed

Medical Marijuana

1)      1) Seizures: Due to the relatively recent discoveries made in regards to Cannibidiol (CBD) and how it can be implemented to treat epilepsy patients, I believe that the future of healthcare in regards to this sort of condition will never be the same. CBD can be used to reduce, if not entirely eliminate, symptoms such as seizures; in the past this was, overall, unheard of.

graph of medical properties of marijuana cbd thc 420x420 Three Conditions That Will Never be the Same Because Of Weed

CBD - Cannibidiol


2)      2) Cancer: By clicking this link, you will hear Dr. Christina Sanchez of Madrid, Spain discuss how THC *cures* cancer. She hits on things such as the endocannabinoid system, Tetrahydrocannabinol, and many other fascinating topics. She does a much better job of covering this in detail than I believe that I could. Please watch this video, it is 5 minutes and 22 seconds long - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njCiE9XFdgg

3)      3) HIV/AIDS: Marijuana can aid symptoms of nausea and vomiting in patients with HIV/AIDS. It is much more effective than many conventional treatments, and it can be used alongside other treatments as well. Here is an interesting link with a video that is 4 minutes and 1 second long - http://www.unitedpatientsgroup.com/PatientsRoom-AIDS

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Monthly Meeting Announcement: Thursday June 12th, 2014 Appleton

Northern NORML logo northern lights 300x258 Monthly Meeting Announcement: Thursday June 12th, 2014 Appleton

Northern Wisconsin NORML

Northern Wisconsin NORML  is a regional chapter for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and holds regular public monthly meetings on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 4:30 until approximately 6:30pm in the Harmony Cafe located at 223 E College Ave, Appleton.  Check the calendar of events often for updates, items to bring to the meeting and to confirm agendas.  Our next meeting date is Thursday June 12th, 2014.

From 4:20pm to 5:30pm we enjoy fellowship as an informal group of supporters gathering together prior to our meeting. We meet at the Harmony Cafe in Appleton, which has desserts and beverages available for sale. At 5:30pm we begin our general meeting upstairs in the 3rd Floor conference room.  (Just keep on walking up the stairs until you see the NORML people!)

Signature Support Pages for the 2013-2014 Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Act are now available for print and distribution.  Please print them and collect signatures locally and return to any NORML Meeting. Membership is the key to being a strong chapter and we are currently looking for field directors in Northern counties of Wisconsin to work with the Treasurer and fundraising team on specific projects, please contact us at NorthernWiNORML@gmail.com if interested in assisting.

Cannot make the meeting but still want to join?  Please choose your membership level and use the PayPal button below to join us today!

Choose your membership level

Name/Address/Email of Member
Shirt Size & color preference

pixel Monthly Meeting Announcement: Thursday June 12th, 2014 Appleton


Meetings are open to the general public and you need not a be a member to attend.

Meetings will be archived and available for viewing on the Northern Wisconsin NORML YouTube Channel.


View Larger Map

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Press Release: THC Tour comes to Wausau June 7th, 2014

thc tour wausau 2014 hemp history week 324x420 Press Release: THC Tour comes to Wausau June 7th, 2014

Hemp History Week 2014 THC Tour - Wausau Wisconsin

THC Tour Talking Hemp and Cannabis Logo Press Release: THC Tour comes to Wausau June 7th, 2014

THC Tour Talking Hemp and Cannabis

For immediate release:

Contact: Richard A. Martin Jr.

Phone: 920-659-2052

e-mail: ramartinjr@yahoo.com

Website: www.NorthernWiNORML.org

Wisconsin’s Hemp History Week Public Event.

Northern Wisconsin NORML presents the Talking Hemp and Cannabis (THC) Tour.

The event will include speakers, displays and printed handouts on the topic of hemp, cannabis, activism and a question and answer segment.  Learn of Wisconsin’s hemp heritage and what role hemp can play in our future. This event is designed to increase awareness of cannabis, the many uses of the plant and present safer, more effective public policies regarding marijuana. The event is free of charge and open to the public the press is invited.

The THC tour event will be held at the Marathon County Public Library, 300 N. 1st Street on Saturday June 7th from 2:00 -4:00 pm in the Wausau Room, 3rd floor.

Those who wish to attend this event are asked to park at the Lower Library Lot, Jefferson Street Ramp, Federal Building Lot or the Wausau Mall Ramp due to the limited amount of parking at the library.

NORML does not condone or encourage any illegal activity. Questions regarding this event can be directed to Richard A. Martin Jr. at (920) 659-2052. Or visit our website at www.NorthernWiNORML.org.

This event is not sponsored by the Marathon County Public Library.

# # #

Printable Version / PDF of the Press Release: Press Release THC Tour Wausau

Event Flyer with Graphic/Logo and Information: THCTourWausauJune7Flyer

THC Tour Logo with state and Truth Honesty and Compassion 297x300 Press Release: THC Tour comes to Wausau June 7th, 2014

THC Tour - Talking Hemp and Cannabis

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05-08-2014 Meeting Minutes for Northern Wisconsin NORML

Northern Wisconsin NORML LOGO highest rez 300x258 05 08 2014 Meeting Minutes for Northern Wisconsin NORMLNorthern Wisconsin NORML Board Meeting for May 8th, 2014

Meeting called to order at 5:52 pm.

Roll Call for Board of Directors: Danielle, Jay, Jessica, Linda.
Not present: Jason

There will not be a live video broadcast of the meeting tonight.

April 2014 Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning Bal $512.36, PayPal $559.49, Spreadshirt $33.92 (2 sales in March/2 in April), Contributions $338, Expenses $74.99

Field Activist Reports from the Field:

4 New Members, 5 Renewing Members

Website Analytics:

Visits 1084, Unique Visitors 937, Pageviews 1829, Pages / Visit: 1.69, Avg. Visit Duration 1:19, % New Visits 82.93%

12 month: Visits 13,421, Unique Visitors 11,287, Pageviews 22,170, Pages / Visit: 1.65, Avg. Visit Duration 1:32, % New Visits 83.44%

Old Business:

Gene: Business Card Update, please send proof to Jay and we will order ASAP. Does anyone have any Freedom Cards stashed? If not, order

Anyone have success with bracelets/merchandising, sharing/caring experiences?

Elections tonight for the following Board positions:

Executive Director: is the spokesperson for the organization. The Director presides at all meetings, and promotes an effective liaison with other organizations, politicians, the media, the public, and the national office of NORML.

Assistant Director: serves as Acting Director when the Director is unable to do so, and assists the Director in his or her duties.

Secretary: keeps and safeguards both open and closed membership rosters, takes the minutes of meetings, and initiates all press releases. Where viable the Secretary is responsible for sending updates of the membership rosters, minutes from the meetings, newspaper clips, press releases, and periodic Movement Update Forms to the national office of NORML.

Treasurer: is responsible for accounting, banking and disbursement of funds. Accounting should include expense and income reports by category on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Field Director: Special projects, fund raising, new member recruitment and to handle special duties and situations not covered above.

Election Results:

Jay nominated Gene, Executive Director. Jessica seconded. All present agreed. Motion Carried.
Jay nominated Jason, Assisted Executive Director. Jessie seconded. All agreed. Motion Carried.
Jay nominated Jessica, Secretary. Lucas seconded. All present agreed. Motion Carried.
Jessie nominated Jay, Treasurer. Lucas Seconded. All present agreed. Motion Carried.
Jay nominated John, Field Director. Jessie Seconded. All present agreed. Motion Carried.
New Business

When responding or communicating via a shared account, should we try to identify who is communicating by signing off or adding our signature/name to the response. (Facebook messages to the shared profile and/or page; shared gmail) etc?

Update from Rich: June 7th, 2014 from 2-4pm Wausau Public Library, THC Tour. Press Release, Flyers. Rich may take road trip to flyer the area. Jay is trying to find local volunteers and have a few that want follow up after our info ready. Jim Maas also helping. Anyone in the wausau area, please contact Rich for more info.

Other Ideas:
Archiving news and information on website.
More social media awareness and cross promotion, ie (cannabis forums?)
Membership drive (maybe contest)
Update Introductory Activist Guide/Membership form for 2014
Signature Form Update, legislation session dead, just use a general form of support for the summer? maybe signature contest for the summer also?

The meeting was adjourned at 7 pm.

Check the calendar of events often and support when and where you can! Statewide events are listed: http://www.northernwinorml.org/calendar/

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